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  1. Startreknerd

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    I was invited to buy weeks ago. I hope they are at the end. But there's still too much money with the upcharge to end it yet. As an investor.
  2. Startreknerd

    I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    I was invited to build months ago. But the Founders Series is not a value I can jump on. Perhaps most just waiting for the non-Founders series.
  3. Startreknerd

    Cybertruck and other Tesla drivers

    I've seen worse directed toward H2s in the early 2000s
  4. Startreknerd

    Cybertruck and other Tesla drivers

    Who knows. I've never seen a Cybertruck at a supercharger at any of the 5 superchargers I frequent. But when I do, they better be prepared for questions from me. I strike up questions from many Tesla drivers about the mods they do etc.
  5. Startreknerd

    The truth about Cybertruck mirrors!

    Then there goes security and aerodynamics.
  6. Startreknerd

    I’m the problem, it’s me

    lol yea And I still have my 2018 Model 3, though the issues with the CT are more numerous than the 3, so I'll wait. Have the bugs worked out.
  7. Startreknerd

    I’m the problem, it’s me

    I'm exactly the same but I haven't clicked the button yet.
  8. Startreknerd

    Sadly the FUD is winning.

    Re "flooding" no one said, not even MSM, that flooding would be a decade away, though many have said we only have a decade to prevent the dominos from falling. It does seem like it is now too late. Even if we stopped all the anthropogenic CO2 now there's still going to be significant sea level...
  9. Startreknerd

    Sadly the FUD is winning.

    I don't even have the Cybertruck, yet, but have been approached by several family members and co-workers that told me the same.
  10. Startreknerd

    Why doesn’t Tesla improve their customer service?

    If you notice, the difference between a 2014 and 2018 is markedly improved. My battery degradation is only 8% as well.
  11. Startreknerd

    Why doesn’t Tesla improve their customer service?

    Maybe it all depends on the state you live in and maybe the workers or managers therein. We are in the Bay Area California, I have a 2018 Model 3 and my wife has a 2014 Model S owned used since 2017. The warranty issues with my car were minor and were addressed sometimes in my driveway pretty...
  12. Startreknerd

    n00b question - How long have to wait to order non-founders series?

    If they make 50k this year (at current weekly capacity) the first 10-20k being founders is limited. Especially if they start to make over 100k a year. Besides, it's not just a markup. You get FSD, and the power home hardware and backup system. Clearly one gets features that costs money as an...
  13. Startreknerd

    Cybertruck vs. Ferrari response from public

    It probably is just temporary. And yes, people are very angry at any protest and will lash at it almost anyone nearby. Although , there does seem to be a more permanent shift in the younger view of the Cybertruck. In the past there would be kids excited to hear about Tesla's when the parents...
  14. Startreknerd

    How many Cybertrucks produced in 2024?

    I've seen more Oceans than Cybertrucks, so I don't know about that.
  15. Startreknerd

    Well here is production numbers so far - as of April 17, 2024

    The NHTSA clearly says certain Cybertrucks. It does not say all.