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  1. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    Then you have to look at the ID.Buzz on sale later this year. Not a Tesla, but definitely an EV.
  2. Range Anxiety, Ha! Cybertruck performing far above expectations and vs F-150 Raptor

    So yes, the tri-motor did have prototype indications of 500 miles. But how many manufacturer prototypes have ever even made it to market? And made it with their specifications intact? BUT, it's over, it's the past.
  3. A functionally illiterate a**hole.

    This isn't a Supercharger. It doesn't even appear to be a DC Fast Charger. Just 2 L2 J-1772 plugs. You can partially determine because of the small pedestal, but even more by the long cables. I had to "ICE" a gas station yesterday as I pulled up with the Cybertruck pulling the boat. The boat...
  4. CybertruckCo Baja Build Stage 1

    Departure angle, I believe, is because of the hitch, not bumper.
  5. Any Tactical Grey VINs yet?

    What do your other trucks look like? So maybe you end up with dirty grey!
  6. Solar panels and battery to get unlimited range ...

    I certainly don't remember you quoting 112kWH of batteries and an inverter than can charge at 240V 50A. Did I miss that? Without looking back, I seem to remember you had less than 20kWH of batteries. It makes a HUGE difference. "Solar array paired to 112kWatt/hrs of battery storage and 24 or...
  7. I've decided to start calling Tesla out on their cybertruck BS...

    Early delivery Model 3, no issues. Early delivery Model Y, no issues. Early delivery Cybertruck, no issues. Go read ANY other vehicle forum and see people bitch and complain about their new vehicle deliveries.
  8. Massive download, FSD imminent?

    It was probably map data being updates. FSD has been in the vehicle all along, just not enabled. And I'm sure that there's a lot of Cybertrucks have been running FSD on the shadow computer.
  9. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    Said folks in 2021 as the Model Y became the best-selling vehicle in the US and worldwide 2 years later.
  10. Turn signal idea for 3D printers or accessory vendors.

    Yall do realize that hitting the buttons can be the EXACT SAME motion with the hands as the appendages? Just with a little pressure? My thumb finds the notch and then just moves up or down, just like the stalk.
  11. HF, VHF/UHF antenna (for HAM radio) install on my Cybertruck, works really well! 📶

    You'll be going a lot lower than 50W to stay under 65W draw, the basic IC-7300 isn't a thrifty radio. But the bigger thing is that while you may get 65W out of A USB, it doesn't provide the 13.8V that radios like. It does provide 12V, but most radios will cut off or perform anemically at that...
  12. Rear Spoiler for the Cybertruck…thoughts?

    And those that are going to race them aren't going to look at some random device, they are going to be looking at specific devices to deliver specific requirements.
  13. Tested: Sleeping in the Bed Vault

    This a complete BS post. EVERY Tesla has emergency handles in EVERY compartment that you can get stuck in. Matter if fact, Tesla has to go through some steps to keep owners from using the emergency handles by accident. Yes, the Cybertruck has an emergency bed and frunk release. I think that...
  14. Home Charging - new Tesla owner, level 2 charger

    A NEMA 14-50 plug is quite sufficient and will work with the mobile connector that should be included with the Cybertruck. Don't necessarily say if is for a Tesla, and the electrician's quote may be slightly lower. Getting this done will get the wire pulled and any local codes handled. This will...
  15. Home Charging - new Tesla owner, level 2 charger

    Want to go a little more into this? Since it really isn't an option for a LOT of people?
  16. Blemishes - Need Advice

    Have you applied serious elbow grease with basic soap? Lots of those will come right off.