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    Tesla Cuts 10% of Global Workforce

    Well RIP the growth of the super charging network and new vehicles.... idiotic choices.
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    Chevy Silverado EV RST functionality (tailgate, rear window, midgate, range, HUD) blows away Cybertruck

    Got a call from my local Chevy dealer after putting a reservation in on their announcement date. They advised they were expecting their first ones this month if I wanted to convert to a purchase.
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    MKBHD Reviews Cybertruck... AGAIN!

    He literally was one of the first with access to the truck before deliveries started. He knows how to close the door, his door is just broken already...
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    Rivian R2 Reveal w/ R3 and R3X Surprises! $45K, 0-60 >3 seconds, 300+ miles range, NACS port, 4695 batteries

    They both look amazing. The all folding down seats is awesome for camping, and the roll down rear window on the r2 is awesome, feels like an electric 4Runner which is a good thing. Also the dual screens for all models which I wish Tesla would do (especially on the CT for the price). The r3x is...
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    Cybertruck Sold $599,999 !!!

    Yeah not real, I could put up a listing for $2,000,000 and mark it as a sold.
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    CyberTrax (Cybertruck on Snow Tracks) in Action!

    And it broke...
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    How many FS are they making… is there a chance they cut us off and turn orders into Standard models?

    There will be as many Foundation Series as there are people willing to pay for them. When the reservation to order conversion for FS drops significantly to where it is today is when we'll see a cap on this "limited" edition
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    Plan for using 12v accessories with 48v wiring in the CT?

    That answers it. Thanks for this and guess it's a converter for sure now.
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    Plan for using 12v accessories with 48v wiring in the CT?

    Oh I totally get the accessories, it was poor wording on my part. I meant it as more of a question around why would Tesla add that option for auxiliary power if they didn't expect people to use it. Unless they come out with their own line of 48v accessories that only work for the CT then they...
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    Cybertruck is almost sold out for 2024. Reservation conversion rate very encouraging (per Q4 2023 earnings call)

    Quoting myself from the past in a response about the current price of a CT, appears even more true.
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    Plan for using 12v accessories with 48v wiring in the CT?

    Since the CT already has wires run for the CT to accept a 12v battery jumper then who knows? Also the auxiliary power in the frunk and the roof are those 12v or 48? What other accessory would they expect you to tap into the frunk power for?
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    ⚡️ F-150 Lighting Owner REACTS to CYBERTRUCK 📐

    Ah cool, just saw an interview with this same owner today. His main points: Solid highway feel Wont do a long trip in it again (20 hr drive from Austin to CA turned to 27 hour drive based on the frequent stops for charging) 40-50min stops each supercharging stop. Energy usage getting better...
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    Offroad Video By Normal Guy

    I get your sentiment but it's natural for people to compare things. Essentially every car youtube channel exists to make comparisons. I could walk up that hill in $5 shoes from the thrift store but it doesn't change the premise of why people make the comparison to other vehicles - some buyers...
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    Positive Range Report: 1000+ miles @ 280 miles average range, 440Wh/mi consumption - Houston, TX

    Alright I'll admit I've been pretty hard on the CT in these range number threads so I was curious to see what my longest trip meter distance was in the Rivian. It's about 4,000 miles, average 2.76 mi/kWh or about 367 miles of range out of the 133 usable kWh's in the large pack. I also have the...
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    2024 Silverado EV WT Range Officially EPA Certified

    Just being a realist based on real owners reporting.... Out of the dozen or so range reports we've seen only one has seemed optimistic in getting close to the advertised EPA range. So based on the majority of range reports right now it doesn't seem likely the CT will even hit the 450 mile range...
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    Offroad Video By Normal Guy

    Oof, yeah this is rough. A 180ish HP 4 cylinder with no lockers Subraru Crosstrek made it up a simple hill that the CT couldnt. Software can/should be able to fix this but this is a bad showing for new owners and people trying to figure out how capable it is. The drive mode resetting every time...
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    My Founder’s Invitation Arrived!

    Just for reference I too received an invite on 12/26 and confirmed an order of a FS AWD on 12/28. Delivery set for Denver (Littleton), CO. Finished all tasks that were open in the app, and haven't heard a peep since. I'm kind of happy to have a bit of a delay as I see so many different...
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    What will 110V do in the cold

    Did a trip back in November of 2022 with the Rivian and stayed up at 10000 ft at 20 degrees with a 110v charger only. It was able to pull 1-2 miles of charge per hour on that. Hoping the CT can do the same.
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    10,000+ Miles Driving a Cybertruck – Things learned: range, great sound and full love/hate list after 10k miles

    There is no limit to foundation series orders right now. They will try and convert many of the first year/near major hub reservations to FS orders as they can for more profit. It'll be the end of this year or more likely 2025+ before non FS orders are delivered. So yes, right now the only CTs...