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  1. ideaXfactory

    Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    Disagree, no coating is necessary if you allow the hard oxide layer to form. But if the surface is compromised by this method you and others use, then yes, you likely will next be wrapping or coating it, while still promoting this method (you no longer use) to others.
  2. ideaXfactory

    Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    Unless you change from ammonia windex, well... enjoy your Stainless, as you destroy the surface...
  3. ideaXfactory

    Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    Why anyone uses this combo is beyond me... Other than many here following the ill-advised procedure, originating from a early youtube video...
  4. ideaXfactory

    "Foundation Series Orders end 6/30/3024" Joe Tegtmeyer

    He might be right or he might be wrong... Probably he's just going by next the quarter starts July. I'm still betting it's actually the 4th quarter starting October...
  5. ideaXfactory

    Think I found the best way to clean a Cybertruck. Cheap and easy too!

    I think so. Also the stainless surface is actually getting harder... Smooth layer of chromium oxide forms... Well, that is if you allow it to form and don't spray Windex (ammonia) on it all the time.
  6. ideaXfactory

    Think I found the best way to clean a Cybertruck. Cheap and easy too!

    I'm using it also and agree - best thing to use. I dilute it greatly using reverse osmosis water, but not sure that is needed. Fingerprints - I get one or two a week maybe? They are not a problem for me now. Bugs on the front stainless over the headlights, that is the major cleaning point for...
  7. ideaXfactory

    How to get the “rust” spots off?

    I've not tried the plus version, but Citrus 77 should work. They (makers of Citrus 77) say not to use the plus version because the iron remover that is added to that version is not recommended on the Cybertruck.
  8. ideaXfactory

    How to get the “rust” spots off?

    Spot on correct... and don't use windex with ammonia either...
  9. ideaXfactory

    ProtectaClear Kit UPDATE 6/7/24

    Let's lather it with bar soap, douse it with windex, and lacquer it up... no not for me...
  10. ideaXfactory

    Tonneau cover is crooked

    I noticed it happened once when I was stoping it frequently and not using the full open/close one touch method. Then I just did a one-touch total retract, and one-touch close and it seemed to fix itself. So don't know... but I generally just use the full open/close method now, unless I really...
  11. ideaXfactory

    Energy efficiency at 3000 miles. What's yours?

    My average energy efficiency after 3081 miles is 388 Wh/mi. This is combination city and highway miles. Probably about 2/3 are highway miles with some pretty large hills driven on a regular basis. I've also towed a 8,000 lbs twice but that was only for a few miles. It was running in the 700-800...
  12. ideaXfactory

    Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    Still don't understand the exact way this happened. I did read his description of the incident twice... It happened a little different than described? Or some information was left out?
  13. ideaXfactory

    Cutting/Bleeding edges on Cybertruck is side effect of using 1.4mm HFS instead of 3mm thickness?

    My best guess is that the edges are rounded properly in production, but then because of additional scratches, or discoloration, or some other reason, it is sanded/polished again. This could happen late in the stage of manufacture, or at the SC, or by the owner, or by someone doing a mod...
  14. ideaXfactory

    Anyone know where to get the original wheel aero covers?

    Originally I heard March, why is it taking so long? Also no word on PowerShare for me, or FSD obviously....
  15. ideaXfactory

    Hand Polished Cybertruck! (Not Chrome Wrap)

    Yes it should hold up, and I wouldn't be surprised if it resists fingerprints better than stock.
  16. ideaXfactory

    Anyone Installed a Good Tailgate Ladder?
  17. ideaXfactory

    Cruise Control Not Working...

    Wouldn't be surprised if they replace the camera.