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  1. How can you fix scratches on the white interior?

    It came with a few small scratches on the dash and was wondering if anyone found something to fix/hide them. Was thinking of getting white shoe polish and a fine brush to try and hide the black showing through where the white is scratched off.
  2. Tab in the wheel well not lining up with the liner.

    Just wondering if this looked normal. Not a huge concern but seems like the alignment is off. Like the metal tab should be centered or at least clear the wheel well liner.
  3. How far should the glove box drawer open?

    It seems to struggle a bit and can open another inch or so if you pull on it lightly.
  4. How do you tell if you are going to get a loaner from the service center?

    The app just says I'll get notified if I qualify for alternative transportation.
  5. Everyone have these dimples on the top edge of the white door trim?

    Everyone have these dimples on the top edge of the white door trim?
  6. Tesla Powershare Install, why add an extra load center and why so big?

    This is the diagram from Tesla. The existing load center has 14 spaces and 6 are already doubled up. The bottom 4 spaces are for the 20A to the garage and a 30A for a wall heater. If the wall heater could go up top with the dryer in a 30A quad breaker that would leave 4 spaces at the bottom...
  7. HVAC Fan Noise

    My make a little rattle anyone else have this or get it fixed?
  8. New Powershare Install by Tesla - Questions - CA

    Tesla is doing the Powershare install and they say they charge a minimum $3500 so that is the quote they gave me but there was no description of the work or location of equipment. They sent a Tesla-Powershare-Customer-Agreement document with a single line item for installation. The phone...
  9. Using the camera button caused windshield wiper to activate

    I've never even tried to use windshield wiper but today when toggling the camera view with the camera button on the steering wheel, the windshield wiper activated.
  10. No creep mode?

    I saw a few posts where folks were saying they didn't want to use it, but I don't see that it's actually available. Some other posts online stating that it was removed along with the different regen settings. I'm mostly interested in using it while parking in the garage as I have a. 20x20-ft...
  11. Voice command, phone call, contact has multiple phone numbers.

    When I use voice command to call somebody in my contact list and that person has more than one phone number, it does show a small list on the screen and it sort of lets you scroll but not really. It's difficult to select phone number other than the top one as it immediately snaps back to the top...
  12. Anyone try an AAWireless device with the Cybertruck or any vehicle really?

    Just wondering if anyone had tried one of these yet? Wireless Android Auto Adapter
  13. Second truck with more scratches, scrapes, pitting(?), sounds and other small issues.

    The first truck was delivered dirty with a good sized scratch that was found after paying while getting ready to leave, after some hand ringing I decided to refuse it. Six or so weeks later they had a second vehicle and I asked them to please check it carefully. After the second time talking to...
  14. Cell service all but down today in Northern California.

    I'm not sure if it was the carrier they're using or something up with my particular hardware. I've not used it that much, but I actually wanted to try to use the streaming service and it would only partially play a little bit of a song here or there and then immediately go to network connection...
  15. Tesla app keeps connecting and disconnecting

    The Tesla app keeps connecting and disconnecting. Also, will not sync contacts. Is this Android issue?
  16. Anyone been able to adjust panel alignment on their own?

    Has Tesla been good about fixing panel alignment issues or do they just want you to take it as is? Stuff like this is not bad but it's right in the eye line and I'd want to try and fix it but not sue if you can.
  17. Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 ?

    I have a Gen 2 still in the box but is there any real advantage over the Gen 3? Would the Cybertruck even make use of the 80amp charger?
  18. Solar → Battery →← Powershare - How to this?

    I was just wondering if there is a good guide on how one would want to use solar with a battery and Tesla Powershare. I've been looking to get solar panels and a battery backup for some time but am not sure about what all hardware is needed and the best way to go for each part. If Powershare...