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  1. Derektsla

    Motor “whining” on AWD

    I have noticed my motor makes aif whining noise when I am just lightly pressing the accelerator pedal. The sound doesn’t happen when my foot is off the pedal or moderate to heavy acceleration. Unfortunately, whenever I am trying to maintain speed on a flat road, I have to deal with the whine...
  2. Derektsla

    WTB: D-rings for vault bed.

    Looking for 2-4 D-Rings. they are still sold out in the Tesla store. Message me with an asking price. Will pay shipping. Thanks.
  3. Derektsla

    PowerShare Rolling Out! (Updated Images)

    The Tesla app sent me a notification that the truck had an update pending 2024.14.7. It says minor changes, but this all appeared in the app (before I started the update). UPDATE: link to later post in thread with images of it working. PowerShare Working Pics Image with it saying “Discover...
  4. Derektsla

    3D Printable Lug Nut Cover SPIKES - For a Tougher Look!

    I designed these to give the truck more of a mad-max look. They are subtle, but add a nice detail and make the truck look a lot tougher, especially with all windows tinted. They have stayed on for 2 weeks with no issues, so feel safe posting them now...
  5. Derektsla

    Question: Amplify outside speaker?

    Anyone know how to amplify the front outside speaker? My kids want louder fart noises and louder talking through the speaker. Could be as simple as something easy to temporarily attach, or something more complex. I am not sure why it’s so quiet.
  6. Derektsla

    7 Day Review - Attempt at a Unique Positives & Negatives Perspective.

    Wow. It’s been 7 days and I still can’t believe I own of these still. I’m going to try to write a review unique enough to be worth reading. But first. Some context. I am coming from a 2018 Model X 100D with FSD. Great vehicle, but not all the newest Tesla tech. No horizontal screen, different...
  7. Derektsla

    Charging Error cc_a016 - unable to charge

    I have been getting error cc_a016 - vehicle unable to charge - vehicle connection issue. This seems to always happen when the truck is near the charge limit. The charger is also blinking red lights occasionally and had to be reset. Has anyone had the same issues?
  8. Derektsla

    Bar Keepers Friend changed my Cybertruck's finish!

    My Cybertruck was delivered with quite a bit of staining on a lot of the panels. It’s looked to be from rain. I tried a bunch of softer cleaners first to get off the stains. Windex, waterless wash, full soap wash, generic stainless polish, etc. None of that worked. So I tried some bar keepers...
  9. Derektsla

    Did that just happen? Post your Cybertruck owner stories & questions asked!

    A thread celebrating all the fun experiences you get owning an early delivery Cybertruck. Post them here! Please no “that’s why I’m waiting” or “you get what you deserve posts.” - we paid a premium, let us have fun! If you are on the fence, these stories will sway you one way or another! It’s...
  10. Derektsla

    New owner questions - for other owners.

    Does the Cybertruck include cabin overheat protection? I don’t see it mentioned in the manual. (I loved this feature in my X) The Off-road mode button looks disabled, do I need to enable somehow? The theatre seems to be missing Disney+ and other apps. Do we know if these are coming? The USB...
  11. Derektsla

    Delivery pickup - Things I know now, that you should too.

    IT’s official, I now own a truck. I picked it up in Charlotte. I learned a few things that I want to share in a single post to help others. Note: updated based on others feedback and mypickup. Once you have a VIN, you are able to contact a delivery advisor/contact/team. Once they message...
  12. Derektsla

    Differences in the Updated Order agreement.

    For those who have received their truck… I noticed after I received my VIN and updated order agreement today that - ”lifetime premium connectivity” is no longer listed. Do we still get it? It was on the original order agreement. - The odometer reading is listed on the order agreement as 15...
  13. Derektsla

    Funny Poll: Did I mess up my order?

    I started with Tesla financing, but forgot all my credit was locked. So I switched it to cash about 3-4 days. App says the step is done but I received 2 rejection letters because credit was locked.