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  1. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    A truck isn't niche, unless you consider millions of trucks on the road as niche
  2. A functionally illiterate a**hole.

    A quick tow of that car into a ditch might fix that.
  3. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    The rivian is very much a niche product, like a jeep wrangler. Niche needs to be profitable to survive.
  4. A kid threw a rock at our truck.

    Stop, pick up the rock and throw it at the kid.
  5. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    I'll argue the rivian is far more a sport utility than a truck.
  6. Article Title: Tesla Cybertrucks Are Still Breaking Down ...

    Show me a vehicle that hasn't had a recall.
  7. Non FS what if.

    It's not the same vehicle, nevermind the global events that no one could have predicted. If you want to criticize current prices based on those 2 points alone, you aren't being realistic. Read the reservation agreement. 'Subject to change.'
  8. Elon says TESLA shareholders re-approved his pay package!!

    So much of your response is nonsense. As for customers; you can't please everyone. As for new companies , entrepreneurs do that all the time. As for firing, sometimes it's needed, and sometimes those people return.
  9. Non FS what if.

    The key part is that the product is available. The CT was not. Second key part : subject to change. Read your reservation agreement.
  10. Non FS what if.

    No.... bait and switch is advertising a product as though its available for immediate sale and delivery, and then when you go to the store it's not. The CT reservation was for a product that was NOT available, and the wording specifically said 'subject to change.'
  11. Why Buy a Cybertruck? Share Your Motivation and Use Cases!

    1) I need a truck and won't buy ICE ( wife has a MY which we love ) 2) buying CT to support the company that forced the transition to EV to begin. For that reason, I refuse to buy a legacy product.
  12. Non FS what if.

    There are A LOT of $80k trucks.