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  1. fhteagle

    Fenske vs Musk.... fight!

    Once again a very good, basic video from Engineering Explained. Calls out some shady marketing claims around the 911 drag race. Mostly posted in hyperbole because clickbait is fun... :)
  2. fhteagle

    Is the tonneau waterproof?

    I know we saw pictures of a CT going through a water ingress test chamber, but I can't remember seeing any posts or quotes that confirmed water proofing. If I take a nap in the vault with it closed, am I getting dripped on? Same question about air tightness, if the vault is closed and there's...
  3. fhteagle

    Graphic artist creates interactive CT UI Mockup

    Just started playing with it myself. I cannot vouch for it's accuracy. But something to keep y'all entertained till your D-Day...
  4. fhteagle

    < 24 hours to go

    +/- Elon Time of course... it's been a long damn 4 years, for a lot of reasons ... Looking forward to more guesses being turned into facts soon.
  5. fhteagle

    Not a good look for Tesla: diversion team tactics to deal with range complaints

    Reuters article about range complaints and tactics used to close cases. I get Tesla not wanting to have service centers choked with ghost hunts, but if some of what the article claims is true then I am pretty disappointed in Tesla. Things that can dramatically affect range like a bad alignment...