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  1. Derektsla

    Why the ONE FINGER salute for the Cybertruck?? Top 10 reasons for the hate!

    This! I’m thinking of tatting up my window arm, wearing dark sunglasses and staring expressionless at anyone who flies the bird. I want them to be a little nervous that I’m unstable and they might have made a very bad decision. 😂
  2. Derektsla

    Got Rivet (in Your Pedal)?

    Non-rivet Cybertruck. VIN 4xxx. Collectors edition! For sale $300k! 😂 being serious, I don’t want to take it in and get a rivet. Waiting for a better fix.
  3. Derektsla

    Fixed Vault Cargo Divider replacements being sent by Tesla

    That sucks. I recently bought 4 of them when they came back in stock because I didn’t want to miss them again. Had I seen this post first, I would have complained to Tesla, but maybe not much of a point now.
  4. Derektsla

    Fixed Vault Cargo Divider replacements being sent by Tesla

    My divider arrived and also won’t work over the part of the bed without the hidden storage. I took off the bed panel and it is warped as you can see below I tried tightening the outside bolts first to “straighten it out” but that doesn’t work. The panel being warped doesn’t actually seem to...
  5. Derektsla

    Turn signal idea for 3D printers or accessory vendors.

    it took me over 2 months to stop looking at the buttons to make sure. But now I’m good and press them without thinking. It just takes a lot of time to remap your brain!
  6. Derektsla

    Fixed Vault Cargo Divider replacements being sent by Tesla

    is it normal for the 2/3 of the bed to be higher than the part of the bed with storage? Mine is higher as well and the divider won’t lock in unless it’s over the bed storage that sits lower. I don’t want to take it in for service because service center is almost 2 hrs away. I would rather try...
  7. Derektsla

    Fixed Vault Cargo Divider replacements being sent by Tesla

    There are no d-rings on the bottom of the bed. All plastic covers with just bolts under them
  8. Derektsla

    Fixed Vault Cargo Divider replacements being sent by Tesla

    Did you get 4 D-rings or 8? It looks like you have 4 on the sides and 4 on the bottom of the bed. I only had 4 on the sides, none on the bottom. I think website says 4 come with truck, so I figured I had them all.
  9. Derektsla

    Tonneau security question

    Agree with above. There is enough room to put a crow bar between the last slat and the tailgate where the seal is. You could then possibly use the tailgate as leverage to pry up the last slat. Then you would have to know how to release the tailgate as that would be the only quick way to get...
  10. Derektsla

    New cybertruck wheel spotted at Fremont Factory

    Cool idea. I wonder if they realized that any fix will result in something more costly and they didn’t want to spend any more money. Surely they could come up with a fix if they really wanted to.
  11. Derektsla

    PowerShare kicked in for the first time today, worked perfectly

    I guess this depends on how you look at it. If you want backup power, wait for the equipment. A Powerwall setup equivalent to the cybertruck battery would cost $83,700 before installation (9 powerwalls) If you don’t want backup power, take the $2,500. and don’t spend $4k install. That’s like...
  12. Derektsla

    PowerShare kicked in for the first time today, worked perfectly

    That’s cool. When I ran a test, it wasn’t seamless switching back to the grid. It was a quick off and back on. But maybe that was because I was manually doing tripping it UPDATE: we had a brief power outage today and PowerShare again wasn’t seamless switching back over to the grid. I understand...
  13. Derektsla

    Question: How many owners still worry about door dings?

    I am NOT worried about dings or scratches at all on the metal. Sure, it’s possible, but the panels are really damn hard! Someone would have to hit it really hard to try to damage it. This is really nice because I can park and walk away in peace. I could never do that with my Model X. I would be...
  14. Derektsla

    PowerShare Rolling Out! (Updated Images)

    Here is an update with PowerShare working and powering my house! Sorry it took me so long to get these up! Images captioned below, but first a few observations. The truck was awake when I tripped the breaker in the gateway, so it started delivering power within 5-7 seconds. It was quick and...
  15. Derektsla

    18” Wheels: Rays TE37 Large P.C.D. Mounted + BFG KM3 Mud Terrain 35x12.5 Tires!

    looks awesome! Best looking after market tires I have seen! (From a purely visual perspective)
  16. Derektsla

    Depreciation concerns, especially for Foundation Series

    If you are worried about depreciation, that’s probably a sign that you should wait. The Foundation series is for us foolish junkies that don’t care about depreciation and just want it now. Waiting will 100% be cheaper and suffer less depreciation. I am selling my Model X for less than I want...
  17. Derektsla

    Protectaclear Honest Review by OQ Detailing

    What metal ceramic coating did you use? (I heard typical ceramic yellows on stainless) I am thinking of stripping my protectaclear coating off and trying something different.
  18. Derektsla

    Motor “whining” on AWD

    Thanks. That’s helpful. It’s not the end of the world, I’m blessed to have a truck. Just curious if it could/should be fixed.