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    RN11498, ORDERED!

    OMG Amazing. Good thing I'm ready for this! Your delivery window was sooner, wonder is that's because I choose the tactical grey interior?

    RN11498, ORDERED!

    Literally so true, stayed up until almost 1:30 last night with excitement and worry! o_O:coffee:

    RN11498, ORDERED!

    Cyberwheels all the way! So I think that’s AT

    RN11498, ORDERED!

    Been waiting since May of 2021 to say this: CYBERTRUCK ON ORDER. Was shocked when the email showed up last night. I am on this forum all day everyday since 2021, watching, waiting, commiserating (lol). I never thought I’d get an opportunity to order a foundation series since I delayed my...

    Cyberbeast waiting room

    Still waiting to be able to order mine, hoping the FS survives until my number is called becasue I want it. RN1149

    Received my invite, I was 780,000 in line

    Could you share your Reservation Number? That would be more helpful to most I think, as I am at RN1149 and praying to receive an invite!

    Highest Reservation to receive VIN

    I’m 1149 so let me know when we are approaching ! ;)

    Candy Blue Wrap + Black Pillars

    I love blue, but I normally don’t love it on cars. This is exquisite

    Early Delivery for long-term shareholders - eligibility confirmation emails now arriving! Get yours?! 📬

    Got my email today, was denied :-( Looks like I didn't have enough shares at the right time but I wanted to try anyways. :-)
  10. SAVFPV

    My DFW Texas Cybertruck delivery... now road trip back to Georgia

    @Ezman I live in Savannah (RN1149 desperately waiting) and my coworker who lives in Richmond Hill was so excited to show me a video of apparently you driving in Richmond Hill yesterday or today. WOW! Congrats on the CT dude, I am way jealous! You're definitely the first in Savannah area for...
  11. SAVFPV

    Cybertruck in gloss black wrap + TSportline 24" CTM in satin black w/ wheel covers and full floating center caps

    Some of you guys just have way too much money!!!! I had posted on a different thread that I hated the gloss black, but with those wheels OMG i'm salavating! 😭😥🤤🤤
  12. SAVFPV

    Gloss Nebula Blue Cybertruck - Vinyl Wrap

    Blue is my favorite color but I feel like most cars look really silly in it. Somehow This is looking pretty good to me?!?
  13. SAVFPV

    Atlanta/Georgia Cybertrucks ???

    This is great info, I’m waiting in Savannah. RN1149 so haven’t had a chance to convert that yet….
  14. SAVFPV

    Standard base aero wheels cover photos & video in motion (for Cybertrucks w/ Base Wheels)

    I'm here to question the validity this statement about all non-foundation CT getting these mickey mouse wheel covers. No way that's true right? Though it would depend on your tire selection at ordering? So, yes, if you get the base road tire then you get these cheesy mickey club covers?
  15. SAVFPV

    Purple Wrap Cybertruck (STEK DynoPurple)

    You know what, that’s pretty beautiful. Wow. No one can deny this
  16. SAVFPV

    🔋 Cybertruck owner's 280mi road trip -- range, consumption Wh/mi, charging speed (AWD Dual-Motor)

    I would like to comment and agree with some posters here. Starting a charge at 25% and going to 80% in 40 minutes is actually right on par and "good" in my eyes. Anyone with experience would know what you would actually want to take the battery much lower and while routing to the next...
  17. SAVFPV

    Cybertruck in 3M Satin Gold Dust Black wrap

    OH MAN, This is so BEASTLY.... Wondering if that have a subtle blue sparkle so it'd match my drums?? Wow Def need the walkaround video in the sun!
  18. SAVFPV

    Ryan Shaw's Cybertruck (Cyberbeast) Review | Off-Roading, Sand Run, Beast Mode Launch, Towing

    I enjoyed it and didn’t think I could want the truck and more than I do, yet after this video I do! RGB interior light choices was something new I learned about