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  1. jditom

    19 Cybertrucks in Salem Oregon waiting for the accelerator pedal fix, WTF!!!!???

    Mine is one of them. Anyone know when these will get fixed and released?? It's been sitting there for 8 days already. For the love of God!!!!!:mad::devilish::poop:
  2. jditom

    First VIN issued by accident?? Got a second VIN, I finally know the truth!

    As per my previous post about this. I had a VIN and called sales a week after and they said it would arrive to my service center in one week on a Sunday. VIN 4xxx. It did not arrive, called sales on Tuesday and after there research they said I was issued that VIN by accident. Next day a second...
  3. jditom

    VIN ending in 5xxx. They say the CT is on the truck to deliver. Have they really made over 5000 trucks?

    Rep says my truck is in route. Really over 5000 trucks in 3 months? Assuming all the VIN numbers are real with no skips. That could be a false assumption.
  4. jditom

    Really sad news, got a VIN, paid in full 2 weeks ago, truck in route. Today you no longer have a VIN or a truck!!!!

    Talked with 3 advisors through the process all said it was in route and should have gotten to Salem OR last Sunday. Today's advisor said they pulled my VIN and now I back to square one. Paid in full, no VIN, cancelled a vacation flight to pick up my truck this week. This is my 5 Tesla and i am...
  5. jditom

    Got a VIN and paid... how much longer?

    Still pending insurance because Tesla insurance wants a delivery date before I can proceed with insurance. But I have a VIN and I am payed in full. How much longer do I wait?? Thank You
  6. jditom

    How many Foundation invites had a trimotor reserved early on?

    So it seems that the foundation invites are not exactly in order. I am wondering if all the invites went out to those with a trimotor ordered 4 years ago. It would make sense since those folks would be most likely to pony up another 30-50k for it?
  7. jditom

    Questions about the CT delivery event, I got an invite.

    Has anyone got additional information after you RSVP for the CT delivery event? I left my plus 1+ blank as it said optional but I want to bring my son. I assume I can still add him? Excited to be going!!!! Thanks if you know anything.