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  1. OMFG

    Possible Selection to Spend all $2500 Voucher

    I just placed my order for in-stock items to get every penny of that $2500 voucher (and not a penny more lol). Here is what I got and it was all in stock moments ago. Not sure why it split into 2 invoices but I guess the charger is from different warehouse, etc. Now I am just praying those...
  2. OMFG

    My actual wh/mile towing at max (10k loaded tandem trailer with ~600-700lbs in bed)

    Info (pic) on trip towing 10k loaded tandem trailer w/around 600-700lbs in bed of packouts and 200lb passenger. Have done it twice and same results. 1st trip around 200miles on odometer, second around 2k miles. 145-150 mile range before I hit 13-15% remaining capacity. Better than I was...