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  1. Ran into a reservation holder, who can’t afford it, but didn’t realize anyone would want to buy it. Does anyone want to

    I am a caterer and was coming out of an event this morning when a gentleman in a Tesla pulled up to ask about the Cybertruck. He explained that he had a day 1 reservation and he was ready to configure for a few weeks. he could no longer afford it. I asked him if he was selling it and he didn’t...
  2. Any suggestions for buffing out the trim on the tailgate?

    A few gouges appeared and I am wondering if there is a method for buffing something like this out from this type of material which is plastic? Also it looks like a good place to maybe add a strip of something to protect it as I use it for loading and unloading a lot.
  3. Auto open door on approach?

    With all the talk about fingerprints and such, is it possible to have the door open on approach with phone or fob? I’ve never owned a Tesla so I am not sure if this is not a thing already. Also some cars open the back hatch with a foot motion could that be something aftermarket to open it? Thanks!
  4. Width of the Tailgate Ramp accessory? [Answer: 11-11.5" inches]

    As a caterer, I am constantly loading things in and out of the back of my van. The initial design with the tailgate that drops down into a ramp was really cool unfortunately that doesn’t seem to even be an option anymore. Does anyone know the width of the official Cybertruck ramp for $400. I...