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  1. Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

  2. Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    not at all I rubbed the flat face of the tailgate (where the smudges are in that photo) with my thumb and my wrist inadvertently grazed the vertical edge of the rear quarter panel.
  3. Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    Called the SC yesterday evening to make sure everything was completed for the alleged delivery tomorrow. The Service Advisor told me they were all set that “…we’ve delivered 17 Cybertrucks in the last three days alone, so we have it down pat.”
  4. Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    But this five day wait from getting the appointment to delivery is nearly as bad as the previous 1,600 days combined. 48 hours to go GAH UPDATE Picked it up today! Woo Hoo! sloppy, sloppy condition at delivery. ugh Windshield (inside) is disastrously dirty. There’s a smeary film over...
  5. White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    @D-Stew Can you mark on this image which welds do/don't need to be separated? THANKS! Your workmanship is nothing short of beautiful
  6. Cold Feet and ICE

    come on now, I wanna see them tractors
  7. Cold Feet and ICE

    I’ll need to pay you a visit to take a ride in said classics… you know… to help me overcome my apprehension and stuff. it’s the least you could do.
  8. Cold Feet and ICE

    “…we will always keep a Porsche in the garage just in case.” bahahaha just in case I’m going to follow your posts to see how it goes for you guys!
  9. Cold Feet and ICE

    “…something I used to relish, to something that signals impotence.” Hold up Did you just call me impotent??!!? haha
  10. Cold Feet and ICE

    I don't like the attention from the exhaust (or attention at all really, so that part WILL be a bummer for me); I just like feeling the vibration and physical feedback. "neighbors who won't even here you getting a hard on......" L O L This DOES bother me about my Silverado. On early cold...
  11. Cold Feet and ICE

    I have a real purty Silverado you can buy.
  12. Cold Feet and ICE

    Awesome! This really helps - I sure hope I feel the same way. Ugh
  13. Cold Feet and ICE

    So… I’m supposed to take delivery of my CT very soon (this week?). I currently drive a new Silverado Trail Boss Z71 with a V8 and a nice custom grumbly exhaust. While driving the last few days, I’m remembering how much I love the physical feedback when mashing the accelerator - the lurching...
  14. Chicago are you ready?! 200 Cybertrucks awaiting delivery at Chicago Tesla Delivery Center

    My advisor said mine is currently in Chicago awaiting a rail trip to Cincinnati - scheduled to arrive at the SC on 05/19. They don’t have a delivery date for me yet… gahhhhh!
  15. I’m starting to get cranky…

    Thanks! The ETA for the SC to receive it is 05/19, and the advisor said to anticipate DELIVERY a couple of days after.
  16. I’m starting to get cranky…

    Okay… I guess I’m not THAT cranky anymore:
  17. I’m starting to get cranky…

    …except that club is for the super cool BEASTie Boys I’m AWD Maybe I should start my own club