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  1. JDTaylor

    Is the Cyberbeast extra $20k still worth it?

    I noticed that the $4000 that was included (for Cyberbeast) for Home Backup is now changed to "A $2500 Tesla Shop voucher for ordering equipment" (for both Cyberbeast and AWD) and the FSD went from a $12K value to an $8K value.
  2. JDTaylor

    Found these new Cybertruck Flag Pole Mount from UTENSILE

    I love flying flags from my Cybertruck at events. I first zip-tied PFC to my Molle panels. That worked sort of. Too much wind and the ties would snap and they looked a bit jerry-rigged (and they were). A friend sent me a link to a company that made real Flag Mounts for the Cybertruck. I talked...
  3. JDTaylor

    A few photos of Cybertruck at Rockville Showroom and now back at Montgomery Westfield Mall

    Big thanks to Tesla for moving the Cybertruck to Rockville for our Tesla Owners Holiday Event!