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  1. kpett

    Front end / bumper damage isn’t cheap - almost $3K repair bill (parts list attached)

    My advice…don’t hit a tree stump. It is pricy. While parking in the forest on Memorial Day, I can in at 10pm and hit a blackened stump. It knocked off my camera and creased the bumper…over 2k in damages. Here is the part list.
  2. kpett

    CyberScreen Bed Extension Camping Mod

    I was inspired by @puchanix's bed screen cover, but wanted more breathing room...and leg room. These pics are missing the velcro connections, but will give you the idea. I have toyed with the idea of using piano hinges to fold it up and hold it all together but am starting with the easier...
  3. kpett

    Washington VIN issued 1 week to deliver

    I got the message I had been waiting CyberTruck is ready for payment. I got it all arranged same day and schedule deliver for less than a week. Just the normal AWD version. I didn't get options like the grey interior or wheels but maybe I missed something. Any tips?
  4. kpett

    PowerShare and SPAN Panel versus new 225 panel and sub panel

    I recently upgraded my solar to an EG4 18K hybrid inverter and am adding a backup battery pack which requires a new 225 panel and sub panel. I am also awaiting the CT Foundation with the PowerShare feature. Tesla already approved me for the PowerShare with my existing system, but I am worried...