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  1. Rockwell

    Bed Panel Flew Off

    After reading this thread and also seeing a Facebook post from a Cybertruck group, I thought I'd check my rails. I had seen a short video from someone (I'm trying to find it, but can't so far) who showed how to run your fingers along the length of the rail and pressing down to make sure all the...
  2. Rockwell

    Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    I got the $700 voucher (AWD delivered March 28) and was sitting on it too, because the Vault bins were always out of stock and couldn't spend it. I saw the increase to $2500 and reached out on Tesla chat and they told me to send an email to the PowerShare team at [email protected]...
  3. Rockwell

    Huge gap between tailgate and bed of the Cybertruck

    No, the OP is talking about the gap below the tailgate, where it meets the bed of the vault. He’s not referring to the tonneau cover on top. When the tailgate is up, you can see a slight gap and the ground below. I believe this is to help water drain runoff if there is water in the bed of the...
  4. Rockwell

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins back in stock

    This thread was actually for the vault bed storage bins, not the backseat underseat organizer bins you're looking for....good luck and keep trying. I've been trying to order these vault bed bins since the end of March....and only got an email once. It is my understanding that they do the email...
  5. Rockwell

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins back in stock

    From the listing photo on Tesla, they look pretty snug in the bed, not much wiggle room.
  6. Rockwell

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins back in stock

    Got 'em! The email notification arrived at 11:40 am, but I didn't see it until now - I'm surprised they were still in stock 90 minutes later. That last batch only lasted about 45 minutes...
  7. Rockwell

    Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    I received the $700 voucher, but haven't used it yet - I have things to buy, they're just not in stock. I just sent an email to Tesla Energy Support through the website chat/message link asking if I would be receiving the $1800 balance to my $700 shop voucher since the current voucher value is...
  8. Rockwell

    California HOV sticker eligibility?

    Well, to apply to get that special CAV Fastrak, you need to have the stickers. However, once you get the CAV Fastrak, you'll be able to use the HOV and express lanes because they electronically read the Fastrak transponder, not the stickers. The stickers were originally made so that cops and...
  9. Rockwell

    Cybertruck Star Wars Themed Lightshow! May the Fourth be With You! 2024!

    That's great! Wish I knew about this, would've been fun to go to! How do they get all the cars to be in sync together like that?
  10. Rockwell

    Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    Believe it or not, this is one of the benefits I'm taking into consideration on whether to go through the hassle and petition CA DMV to switch to automotive plates instead of's about an extra $260 per year for the registration.
  11. Rockwell

    Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    Any luck changing it to automobile instead of commercial? I just got my title and see that it is commercial, too and don't have a business or need for commercial registration.
  12. Rockwell

    Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    Following this thread....Just got my title and see that it's registered as a Commercial vehicle. When I had other pickup trucks, I was always able to register them as automobiles, not commercial because I didn't have a business. Did something change? I don't think all Cybertrucks should have...
  13. Rockwell

    How long for official plates to arrive from the DMV?

    I just got my DMV Title certificate and it shows that the plates are commercial plates. I don't have a business and didn't specify commercial plates. Did anyone get regular plates (not personalized) for their truck or is everyone being issued commercial plates?
  14. Rockwell

    Windex not the same as Glass Cleaner? Bad for the Stainless?

    Windex makes an ammonia-free glass cleaner - wouldn't this be ok to use instead of the regular Windex?
  15. Rockwell

    Iron remover and Rinseless wash panel stains…

    I used Citrisurf 77 Plus to get rid of rusty freckle spots all over my hood because Citrisurf recommends that for rust removal. The spots came off great, but the iron oxidation left me with some dark splotches that won’t come off. I contacted Citrisurf and they told me not to use the 77 Plus...
  16. Rockwell

    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    I also have VIN 34XX, but I was 143,000 in line with RN 11288xxx Ordered 2/23/24, VIN 3/18/24 and delivery 10 days later on 3/28/24 - 34 days from ordering to delivery. The only things I can think of that made it so relatively fast is being in the CA SF Bay Area, have 3 Powerwalls, and a Model...
  17. Rockwell

    For the love of God, leave me be!

    We got ours a few weeks ago, so we'll be the third in CV! See you at Safeway!
  18. Rockwell

    Question: Amplify outside speaker?

    Me, too - I want a louder quack when locking. My MY has a louder quack sound. So far, I can't find a volume control for that speaker.