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  1. wireless phone charger... why doesn't it work

    I had one of those super thin Thinborne Aramid carbon fiber cases in my Pixel 8 Pro. It got hot and wouldn't charge. After removing it, the phone still gets a little warm but does charge. Apparently Aramid conducts electricity and can affect wireless charging.
  2. Got my first middle finger

    I've had mostly positive responses, even from diesel truckers. Got a bird today from a Subaru Impreza driver speeding past me in the right lane. Just shook my head. Oh well, it's a free country I suppose.
  3. 3D print mount for Uniden radar detector

    Thanks for the link! I hardwired a Valentine One this weekend with the help of the service manual link. Used a generic RJ11 wire tap kit for V1 from Amazon to tap into the camera power. Will have to work on a printed mount to put it in the rear view mirror spot, but for now at least I got some...
  4. iPhone not charging, and hot

    I have a Pixel 8 Pro in a 0.2mm thick case. It also does not charge. Truck is amazing but when using JBV1 with a Valentine One on a 90 minute trip, phone died while in the charger :( Hope they fix this, but I'm going to add it to my initial service ticket as there were a couple other minor...
  5. Screen Swivel mounts?

    Not that I have seen, but I agree should have come with the truck.
  6. Cyberbeast waiting room

    At the local San Antonio SC today (mostly AWD). Can you say ramp up?!?!
  7. Cyberbeast waiting room

    Nice! Congrats! I am taking delivery tomorrow in San Antonio also! My VIN is a much lower number though not sure why that is (0083XX). Hopefully that doesn't mean potential issues.
  8. I put my Cybertruck order on HOLD

    Accepting those new conditions was immediately followed by a VIN for me, not sure if that was the case for everyone.
  9. Cybertruck Performance Brakes coming soon? Spotted in Service Manual

    Carbon ceramic brakes are probably not a good idea on an off road vehicle. It would be silly and silly expensive to release a track pack CC package for a truck. Bigger steel rotors maybe, more pistons on more capable calipers, sure.
  10. Cyberbeast waiting room

    11280 TX Beast configured 12/28 VIN assigned 5/16 83XX Truck is at SC, earliest available delivery appointment is 5/22.
  11. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    1) The first 5 digits of your RN# 11280 - BEAST 2) The date you configured your truck - 12/28/23 3) The date you received your VIN assignment - 5/16/24 4) The number range of your VIN - 83XX 5) The Date you will take delivery (if known) - 5/22/24 6) Your state - TX Got my VIN yesterday and a...
  12. Video: Cybertruck Battery Pack Teardown by Sandy Munro Live

    The gap is on the bottom of the pack and is well smaller than 80mm, Sandy comments/guesses its around 33mm. The gaps are theorized to serve as vent troughs in the event of thermal runaway as well as a buffer for damage when off road.
  13. Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder!

    Got the email today. Sadly I sold TSLA the month before :( But did buy in the next year or so and currently hold plenty of stock. Oh well! Back to the end of the queue for my cyberbeast!
  14. Got my CyberBeast VIN 3/13

    Congrats! I am in TX also with 11280 res but ordered 12/18. Hopefully not much longer!
  15. Another Positive Range Mini-Review

    Butter_EV took his Cybertruck on a small road trip ~200 miles and gets just over 400Wh/mi efficiency:
  16. Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    Thank you Protectaclear, for being on the forum! Application Q - When applying to the steel with whatever applicator you supply, what happens to nearby painted, plastic, rubber, glass etc parts when they accidentally get the product applied to them? Not sure if using xylene, a pretty harsh...
  17. Cyberbeast waiting room

    Checking in! TX, 12/18 order RN11280* No VIN yet Filled out Powershare survey but no approval yet