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  1. Paid for Cybertruck VIN rec'd ...

    It doesn't matter to me whether I pay now or in a week. But after paying in full if the delivery date goes out a month... that'll piss me off.
  2. Paid for Cybertruck VIN rec'd ...

    That wasn't a choice. It said to "complete payment to avoid delivery delays."
  3. Paid for Cybertruck VIN rec'd ...

    What state are you in? How long did you wait between paying and getting a delivery date?
  4. Paid for Cybertruck VIN rec'd ...

    Wired the cashish... Oregon VIN 009924 rec'd... now what? It's been 3 minutes... so far no buyer's remorse : )
  5. Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    This is what I'm thinking/hoping. Elon would have serious integrity issues if he shoves an extra $16K battery pack in the bed, and then later puts them where they were always planned for it. That would seriously piss me off.
  6. Opal Chalk Pure PPF Wrap looks awesome on Cybertruck

    Is the frunk Cybertruck logo a vinyl stencil over the PPF?
  7. Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    Perceived “Build quality” is the definition of an “unforeseen circumstance.”
  8. Rec'd invitation yesterday. RN1128447** Lake Oswego, Oregon

    We ordered the FS. The Tesla reps don't feel the standard vehicle will be available this year. I don't either. We'll be using this as a promotional vehicle. If we get a year of novelty out of it, it'll more than pay for itself. The "beast" looks identical, so there was no advantage for that...
  9. Rec'd invitation yesterday. RN1128447** Lake Oswego, Oregon

    So it's $100K for the foundation series and $120K for the beast. Tough call. If you're going to pay the extra $20K for the FS, I feel you get a lot more bang for the buck with the additional $20K for the beast. So it's a $40K upgrade for the top of the line... mmmmm. If I don't order either...
  10. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    How did you find your spot in the order pool?