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  1. Tesla Mud Flaps - installed pics photos

    Easy to install and look great! IMO
  2. ProtectaClear amateur application completed. Easy to do!

    I have to say for those of you that are considering ProtectaClear but on the fence, I’ll say do it, and do it yourself unless you have money to burn or physically can’t or don’t want to. I’m no pro but with time and a couple old fashioned’s and good music, I can do anything. I’m very very...
  3. Cybertruck Cleaning Kit Received

    Not exactly what I was expecting but maybe it will work. I’ll say the towels are very small.
  4. AWESOME So. Cal. CT Body Shop

    I just got my truck back after just 2 days from Tesla. Minor fixes (reading light, window not auto up and down) more importantly some fit issues. Driver door and frunk were off set. Tesla said it was in spec but after debating they sent it to a shop. Gabriel 949-400-5753 Don’t know the name of...
  5. Quickly Spray and Wipe Detail ... Optimum No Rinse works amazing as rinse free car wash

    Happy to say, the Optimum No Rinse works amazing as a rinse free car wash. There is a quick spray and wipe formula with micro fiber towel that works just as well. Fill the 24 oz. Bottle with 1.5 oz of ONR and the rest with DISTILLED water. Makes for a quick clean wash that’s simple and fast...
  6. Waterless Quick Detail Spray for Cybertruck?

    Does anyone know of a waterless quick wash spray for the CT? Something like a spray on wipe off with a micro fiber towel. I did the BKF and Windex which made my CT look amazing, then tried to touch it up with just Windex and ruined the look. Had to go back and do another 3 hours of BKF and...
  7. Delivery Day and First Impressions

    We made a big deal out of delivery day. Called a driver to take us to delivery and arrived about 10 minutes prior to delivery time. We got in line with a drivers license and cashiers check. We have Tesla insurance so no need for the proof but it’s in the app anyway. The process took only minutes...
  8. Delivery Day Irvine Ca. 3/25 [Updated with delivery photos!]

    DELIVERY UPDATE! Ultimately at delivery but only because they insisted on perfecting the truck and they did. So clean and no issues with quality visually. I do need to update software. I’m going to be in the garage all night just as I planned over the last several months while waiting for aVIN...
  9. VIN Received today/Delivery 3/25

    Not only did I get my VIN today but I also received delivery date for this Monday (3/25). I’ll update on how that goes. 112831 11/21/19 Config 1/11/24 VIN 3/23/24 VIN #12xx Delivery set for 3/25/24 Irvine So. Cal No special guy or stocks etc.
  10. VIN Received Finally WOW!!!

    Order day of reveal Configured 1/11/24 (app has 1/12/24) VIN received 3/23/24 12:39pm **12xx Weird for that low VIN will definitely check the mileage and body So. Cal with Irvine pick up location
  11. Tesla Site Down Again…

    My app switched from View to Go To Account but the website is down just like yesterday. Different error message though. Anybody else?
  12. Welp, I made the Day 70 Club!!

    Not a good club to be in, but I know I’m not alone and some are in even worse clubs on this forum. Let’s see what happens today.
  13. New Task Asking for Final Payment

    In the wee hours of this morning 1:18 while on my 3rd app refresh after midnight I noticed I had to update my Tesla app, then the Go to App instead of View showed up. I immediately woke all the way up. I had a new task in finance where it’s asking for proof of payment. I’m financing and don’t...
  14. VIN Waiting and APP Checking Therapy!!

    So in order to stop checking for my VIN every 3-5 minutes, I thought I would go clean out the garage to prepare for it. Yes, last week I went to buy products so I can clean’er up. Bar Keepers, Windex, Cybertruck only micro fiber towels, applicators, black lug nut covers, black center cap for the...
  15. Order to delivery trending appears to show a ramp in the right direction!!

    When I look at the “Deliveries” registration thread, I’m seeing the time between order and delivery shortening to low 60’s and 50’s from folks that ordered from 12/19 on vs. the 12/8 orders. This may change but for now plus what I see happening at GFT, great news so far.
  16. Satin Rose Gold PPF wrap on Cybertruck - first real life look! (Irvine, CA)

    This is Tesla's new Satin Rose Gold PPF wrap. Went to my delivery center today and found this in front. The PPF wrap looks amazing. Still about 8 CT’s in the service center. Come on let’s get to the January orders!