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  1. Vin to delivery 1-2 months?

    Did your truck get to Pensacola on the 8th? Curious if it unfolded as expected.
  2. Minnesota

    Congrats! Seeing everyone else get theirs makes the wait more agonizing, especially being in the dark waiting for each step of the process. It's like having a child being born....I just hope my child comes out with all the correct number of body parts! lol
  3. Minnesota

    Amazing! I believe you got your vin one day prior to mine on 5/8. So hopefully I’m just one day behind my truck arriving. Good to see these notifications go out on a Sunday. Was wondering about that. seems to be notifications go out one day after arrival at SC. So hoping mine gets there today...
  4. Minnesota

    Did it arrive yet and get notification to schedule delivery? I stopped at Rogers yesterday, and sales guy said mine was still in Chicago, with soft ETA of 5/26....would love to have it by next weekend!
  5. Delivey in OH this Monday

    Also waiting for a delivery notification. Curious if you got it after hours? Wondering if I can hope to get one this weekend or if it happens during weekday when they are there to check in the new deliveries.
  6. Chicago are you ready?! 200 Cybertrucks awaiting delivery at Chicago Tesla Delivery Center

    Same here. Stopped in today at SC and they said mine is in Chicago also. However, really hoping for a Fri delivery next week for the holiday weekend. It's the only day I'm free to take delivery without having to try to shuffle around.
  7. Minnesota

    That’s great to hear. would live to have it for the weekend, but definitely for the holiday weekend! 1-2 weeks is to me the default answer given just to give us some to chew on. And I’m chomping at the bit!
  8. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Wow! Got my VIN on 5/8. So hope get mine 11 days later like you did. What location did you take delivery and how was the del experience?
  9. Minnesota

    That’s fast! hope to be the same turn around. wish they could let us come down and help, they could use some extra hands. I’ll keep texting them every two days for an update just to keep nagging them! 😂 my schedule is so packed with end of school activities and things. So anxious to nail...
  10. Minnesota

    Glad to see MN is moving! Got my VIN on 5/8. Last message from Tesla yesterday was still in transit. Great to see yours arrived. Now curious how long it takes for them to schedule delivery. Hoping to get mine by Memorial weekend! Taking delivery out of Rogers.
  11. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Same here! Glad to see movement in MN finally! Just got my VIN today. Totally did not expect it and resigned to the reality that it could be late summer now. I had switched to Tactical Grey, then switched back to White, once I saw that it be more of a green/blue/gray, then a dark gray. Glad...
  12. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    LOL. WTF. What is wrong with MN? Still waiting on a VIN from 1/17 configuration, and folks from Dec configuration are still waiting!
  13. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Yes! Glad to see some movement in MN finally!! One more closer to mine!