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  1. Is it possible to say "NO" to pedal rivet while SC working on other issues?

    The obsession over the rivet is mind boggling. I tow an Airstream with mine and there are rivets all over the thing. The Airstream crowd is an equally “cult-following” kind of crew and they love their rivets. As long as the rivet is centered, I don’t get the concern. There’s nothing that...
  2. 2024.20.3 Update Arrived

    It was a major improvement for me in terms of addressing phantom drain. Seems to be a nonissue now.
  3. Bed Panel Flew Off

    I also had the same experience. I noticed it wasn’t flat and similarly just snapped it down. All good now.
  4. 2024.20.3 Update Arrived

    If anything like the other models, there will be a series of toggles in the Navigation and Autopilot menus under settings. No singular button. You’ll have to toggle and consent to Tesla monitoring/accessing certain driving data and internal camera.
  5. What's your lifetime Wh/mi?

    I’ve turned off sentry at work (garage) and home (enclosed garage). It appears with sentry off Tesla has finally nailed the phantom drain using 2024.20.3. My truck has been going to sleep for long periods now and not losing a bunch of charge. I haven’t tested it with sentry on using the new...
  6. What's your lifetime Wh/mi?

    ~20-25% of my miles are towing a camper or scout trailer, and I’m still at a 439 Wh/mi average. I’m about to be towing our Airstream to Colorado from Texas, so I feel confident my lifetime average may be 50-75% higher here within the next 30 days. But that’s not the normal non-towing average...
  7. Black Spots on sides after going through car wash

    I have yet to go through a car wash. How much in terms of bug gut stains (or other road gunk stains) remain on the truck after going through the car wash? I didn’t think sprayway (or windex) would remove the stains and that only BKF would do that? No?
  8. Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    Has anyone found a soft enough (I.e., non abrasive) polishing pad that would work with a normal cordless drill? I don’t know enough about polishing pads to know what to get and what to stay away from, but that has to be easier and more consistent than manually wiping it on, which is what I’ve...
  9. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    I had creaking that was from the center console. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I saw other comments on it so I flagged it to the service center. They added some dampening material under the console and the creaking has now been gone for more than a month.
  10. For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    Wondering how the earlier deliveries and discussions of $700 credit play into the revised $2500? Tesla has a habit of changing offers, etc. over time. This feels a little different this time, but that may be because I want it to.
  11. For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    Has anyone received the $2500 voucher? I still have not received any voucher for my delivery back a couple months ago. I went to the Tesla store and they reached out to the Energy team, who said that nobody has received their vouchers yet.
  12. Slight Vibration over 60mph

    Same. I also attribute this to a combination of the AT tires and regen. It’s certainly a different feel than my M3, but the tires, weight, etc. are all different. Certainly more of a “truck” ride in that sense. I’ve mostly just adjusted to it. The first time I towed my camper, I really...
  13. Tonneau cover issues - erratic operation

    So….. as one of the other responses indicated, using the calibrate function works. It worked for me. But…. If it’s misaligned, it won’t ever fix the issue long-term. I just had my post-delivery “punch list” appointment where they did a few things like fix one panel MIs-alignment (now flawless)...
  14. Towing Airstream for Mother’s Day - Speed is Key

    If you’re limiting yourself to those two options, Pebble is the way to go. CyberLandr seems cool, but the first time you need to use your vault and can’t do it because it’s in the back, well, you’ll be frustrated. Unless your truck is truly becoming your home. There’s a lot to like with the...