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  1. 2024.14.3 off-road update

    I guess you can call this an off-road update that should bring locking diffs trail assist "cruise control" suspension leveling for cybertent mode off-road mode improvements terrains options in Baja mode traction control improvements suspension improvement by accurate payload estimation
  2. 2024.8.3 software updates / improvements incoming

    Security improvements Auto wipers View or reset tire mileage Rear passenger headphones Vehicle alarm includes trailer One-time charge limit
  3. Rattle after rear view mirror delete

    I've tried removing the rear view internal mirror but did not like the empty recessed octagon base, and put it back up, but then got tired of the useless mirror and got rid of it after all. After I removed the mirror, though, a rattle developed from the front camera assembly cover. The rattling...
  4. Tire rotation

    My previous cars for the last 15 years were with directional staggered tires and no tire rotation was needed. With CT non-directional and uniform size tires rotation is needed. The manual, though does not recommend the type of rotation. So, which rotation would be most appropriate for the CT...
  5. Used rags and applicators

    Hi all, for my previous cars, I maintained rags and applicators by washing them per instructions, but not sure about after CT. Using Bar Keepers Friend, or other cleaner/polishers, results in rags and especially applicator pads to have heavy dark layer on them. What do you guys do with them...
  6. Scroll wheels / buttons are hot

    Anyone else notice the scroll wheels extremely hot most of the time? Not burn educing hot, but "cant hold my fingers on them for more than 30 sec hot". I dont remember my 2023 X having any heat on those buttons/scroll wheels