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  1. Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates Into Home With Rear Wheels Locked

    Nahh, cant take any credit here, you did it all on your own :ROFLMAO: :LOL:
  2. Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates Into Home With Rear Wheels Locked

    That could make sense if there were Cybertrucks without regen or even selectable levels of regen. Do you know any? :ROFLMAO:
  3. 6 Month Registration?

    Tell me you never owned trucks without telling you never owned trucks in FL :) In FL, truck registrations expire 12/31
  4. Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates Into Home With Rear Wheels Locked

    This would never work, brakes ALWAYS cut power and NONE, not even PLAID, motors can overpower brakes - try on ANY tesla Tested and disproven a gazillion times. It was a user error 100%
  5. How does your wiper blade perform?

    Don't request replacement, just let it work itself in. My first blade similarly missed some spots in the middle so I scheduled service. While I waited for the appointment, the blade started performing better and better but was replaced by service - now I'm back to square one with large portions...
  6. 100% Charge, What Does Your Truck Show in Range?

    5 months in, mine still shows 318@100%. I charged to 100% only 3-4 times so far, once it showed 319 or 320, the rest at 318
  7. Rear camera washer / sprayer by ClearVu for Cybertruck

    or fill it with with .... "perfume".....LOL
  8. Software update 2024.20.1 -- AUTO HVAC improvements for hot weather. The A/C cools down the cabin faster, and maintains comfort at lower noise levels.

    My speculation is that it works on your truck too, just not easy to trigger it. I think the in-cabin camera monitoring plays a big role and if it sees you're looking at the road while going out of lane, it assumes that's your intention and does not trigger lane departure warning. Try looking...
  9. Rear camera washer / sprayer by ClearVu for Cybertruck

    :):D:LOL::ROFLMAO: That would be the perfect name for this product! They should really name it that way
  10. Rear camera washer / sprayer by ClearVu for Cybertruck

    just like every other car's windshield wiper sprayer, woopty doo
  11. Rear camera washer / sprayer by ClearVu for Cybertruck

    Wow! this would probably something I'd go for
  12. Removing sun visors to show whole windscreen
  13. Sharkhide metal protectant - another product to deal with fingerprints

    seems similar to ProtectaClear, I would love anyone with knowledge or experience with both to compare these 2
  14. Overhead gear selector falling off

    I was able to fix this myself. I filed off just a tad of the white clips where they grip to the frame to make gripping plane angle sharper. Then installed small rubber stuff under the base of each white clip to make them always wanted to expand. These 2 mods cased clips to grip stronger - has...
  15. Trade-in vs. CarMax vs. Carvana

    Keep in mind that trade-in reduces your sales tax on the new car and $3.5 higher offer from Carvana could end up less advantageous, depending on the sales tax rate. Plus the hassle of selling to third party, extra paperwork, etc. Also, if you read the purchase agreement with Carvana, they could...
  16. Ghost Cybertruck windshield wiper issue! ongoing 5 months no fix!

    It is defective and I've never seen this behavior of constantly adjusting the whipper on my truck nor heard about it from other actual owners. The idiotic responses below either from one who did not watch the OP video or one who would interpret piss as rain if it came from his idol.
  17. Warranty on Accessories

    File a credit card dispute to get your money back, then order another one
  18. Warranty on Accessories

    I got the exact same failure happened to me few months back. From your order history, select start a return and indicate that you want a replacement, that's what I did, and Tesla shop advanced sent me a new unit packaging from which I used to ship defective back Edit: just realized that the...