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  1. Horizonvangogh

    T-Sportline Wheel Spacers Installed (Before and After)

    Would like to see a few more pics OP with suspension setting in high or very high. Thanks for providing info and pics thus far!
  2. Horizonvangogh

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    1) RN11275 2) 12/19/2023 3) 5/2/2024 4) 10403 5) no date yet 6) OK
  3. Horizonvangogh

    Oklahoma VIN has dropped!

    Just got it. I’ll update delivery thread
  4. Horizonvangogh

    How many People have Ordered in December and Still dont have a VIN?

    134 days here in OKC. No deliveries as of yet to anyone in OK besides VIP.
  5. Horizonvangogh


    12/19 config date here. Got my trade in offer this morning in Tesla app and was pleasantly surprised. Hoping vins will drop soon for us early peeps! I own a Tesla shop in OKC so hope to meet all you guys and gals once the trucks get rolled out.
  6. Horizonvangogh

    Ohio (Cincinnati) VIN secured!

    Congrats!! I’m a 12/19 Oklahoma order date. Smaller states seem to be up next!
  7. Horizonvangogh

    Cybertruck sells for $244,000 at Manheim wholesale auction!

    The first Cybertruck to be auctioned at Manheim sold for $244,000 to Porsche Orlando.
  8. Horizonvangogh

    ⚡️Tesla store can confirm build date?⚡️

    This varies state to state though. Tesla sent me this via text on Jan 2nd. I ordered on 12/19. “ Hello ————! Congratulations on configuring your Cybertruck! While we do not have an estimate on when your vehicle will be built, we are here to guide you through the process in the meantime. As...
  9. Horizonvangogh


    Would love for some Oklahoma CT "soon to be owners" to chime in here. Waiting patiently for my VIN with a Jan-March delivery date. Anyone else on tap for delivery soon?
  10. Horizonvangogh

    12/20 Order Waiting Room

    Is there a 12/19 waiting room lol
  11. Horizonvangogh

    DIY Cybertruck Vinyl Wrap Kit by Tesbros -- $1500+

    Good revenue on these prices as a full roll of 3M 2080/Inozetek costs about $750 shipped which can do 2 CT’s