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  1. neights

    Bed Panel Flew Off

    The old double sided tape trick
  2. neights

    I accidently clicked the advertising link and...

    And no one writes a front page article about it, ha!
  3. neights

    Custom fabricated wall charger faceplate

    As long as it doesn’t overheat the components inside
  4. neights

    Slide-In Bed Protector

    Im hopeful that by the time I get my CT the aftermarket will have made a decent gap filler piece.
  5. neights

    Slide-In Bed Protector

    Agreed that a rigid bed liner sounds like something else I don’t need in my garage. Spray on Liner if need to protect, and still gives access to the in bed storage / tie downs. Just my $0.02; Best of luck though!
  6. neights

    Any news on CyberQUAD?

    +1 bring on the CQ!
  7. neights

    Tactical Grey Interior - Real Life Images [Photos]

    I hope the sport seats from that video are an option, thanks for posting!
  8. neights

    Tones of V4 Supercharger Working In Progress

    Having the home charger will at least give you options, and convenience when needed. Also the slower charging rate is better for the battery longterm - less heat, less degradation.
  9. neights

    I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    Exactly. I’m excited for the bashing hype to wear off.
  10. neights

    Hawaii Cybertrucks??

    A friend of mine recently (6/3) sent me this pic from Port of San Diego and said they’re probably heading to HI based on what he knows of port outbound traffic. Most cars only come in from other countries here. Looks like you guys might be seeing some more CT action soon! It’s a beautiful sight.
  11. neights

    Texas Insurance Rates - Cybertruck

    Statefarm is really going to crap on their pricing for auto, here in California it’s like a game of chicken - who will drop who first.
  12. neights

    😅 I Regret Not Buying a CyberBEAST | Owner Reacts

    We’ve all waited a bazillion years at this point lol
  13. neights

    For the love of God, leave me be!

    # firstworldproblems eh. Drives triangle on wheels, doesn’t want attention :cool:
  14. neights

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    The shareholder in me wants them to make margins, the CT wannabe owner wants my $80k truck lol
  15. neights

    Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    Interesting, Elon is against adding “dumb range” via batteries - I wonder if the battery pack is actually “structural” in a half full state.
  16. neights

    Windshield Sun Shade for Cybertruck?

    I’d pay extra for Electrochromic option!
  17. neights

    Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    That sucks, starting to see a lot of these types of posts now. Did you photo the errors? Steering related?