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  1. Foxx

    First sighting in Alabama

    First sighting in Alabama
  2. Foxx

    🍻 CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set Giveaway! [Enter Here]

    She is filthy! Been doing cybertruck stuff. I am going to break her if I don’t get my CT soon😆
  3. Foxx

    Elon reveals Cybertruck details / production expectations on Q3 2023 call

    I’m a December 2019 reservation. I will be purchasing more stock with my CT savings.
  4. Foxx

    Report: Cybertruck official factory wrap service launches w/in 6 months of first deliveries, at $8-12k price

    I’ve screwed around with a little vinyl with a friend and done some work on my model x wrap with some replacement. From my really limited experience I speculate the CT should be about the easiest vehicle to wrap.
  5. Foxx

    ‼️ Digital Camo Cybertruck w/ "CYBRTRK" branded tires + Round steering wheel 🤩

    My model x is wrapped in matte black and it has held up quite nicely. It’s been wrapped for about 4 years. Matte black is really easy to care for. I have fixed a couple of places that have been scratched and I think I’m the only person that can tell where because I did it myself, and I have no...
  6. Foxx

    Forbes Cybertruck Hit Piece: "Musk’s Cybertruck Is Almost Here. But Will Anyone Buy The ‘Ludicrous’ Vehicle?"

    Alan Ohnsman sounds like he might be bought and paid for. I expect this turns out to be an abject disaster of an article for this journalist’s future. It stinks of corruption. There is a lot of contradictory verbiage from some of his previous writings.
  7. Foxx

    Windshield Wiper (BAW) extreme closeup

    you will need to order blinker fluid anyways, just order them together😉
  8. Foxx

    Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍
  9. Foxx

    Cybertruck spotted vs. Model X and on freeway soaking up bumps with air suspension (7/5/23)

    Model X is deceptively bigger than it looks. From the photo it appears that CT sits about the same as my fathers old F-150 does next to my model x.
  10. Foxx

    Cybertruck Wrapped in Urban Camo Spotted! (More Photos & Video Added)

    My bullsh!t detector is going off about this being genuine pictures. It would look really cool though!
  11. Foxx

    This is why Cybertruck and Supercharger network will win... Rivian burns down charging at Electrify America

    The fact that they are so rare is why it makes headlines
  12. Foxx

    Tesla Cybertruck Materials Supply Chain Leader (El Akkari) Leaves For Rivian

    I’m frankly surprised he was not held to a non competition clause by Tesla. Maybe he was and it expired 🤷
  13. Foxx

    How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    I have waited on CT long enough that I finally broke down and bought a used model x with my extra CT money that I’ve been saving up. I bought it three days ago (2016 p90d matte black..named her VADER) I figured I can get most of my money back when I need to sell her….however, I’ve fallen in...
  14. Foxx

    How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    Reservation was Dec 2019. Been putting back a payment since then. My truck died last year and my only backup is a 1990’s f-150 that could die anytime. Renamed my old Ford “Hope” 🤞. There is absolutely nothing out there in the truck EV space that I am willing to purchase except CT right now. I...
  15. Foxx

    Cybertruck spotted with frunk open, revealing waterfall design!

    Living in Alabama, I can vouch for this as well as the ocacasional raccoon, Armadillo, and spastic meth head, From Alabama too “war eagle”. Recently had a methed out wild turkey destroy my windshield, maybe the CT glass will hold up the next time that happens.