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  1. Best Carwash methods

    Yes!!! And benefit of powerwash at home is you can get into wheel well and crevices regular car wash can’t match.
  2. Best Carwash methods

    This ! Bought a 2000 PSI power wash (dont go much highter than that otherwise you might damage) - use a 15degree nozzle and keep it at 6 inches - works great - ESPECIALLY for the bugs in the front. Soap as you please - I do LOVE the foam cannon. I love my Ryobi electric b/c its very easy to...
  3. Bed Panel Flew Off

    its reportage bias - I've had mine for over 5 weeks of pure joy - Vin 6XXX - and ZERO of the issues listed. NONE - just a great vehicle - Everyone who has received one wont report in every day and say "man - today was great - no issues" so of course its biased towards the issues that do crop...
  4. Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    Very strange - This issue is all over the place I, like many others - have used my wiper a fair amount with no issue 6k vin range. Others say “never worked” Perhaps a specific source issue? Temperature issue? Who knows… Perhaps subsequent production iteration was faulty- so some before got...
  5. NJ CT Meetup

    I love Mediterranean! Gladly become a patron of your restaurant! Great Coffee is a huge + Depending on timing, count me in! preference for Mid-July (for planning purposes) but whenever you decide!
  6. Tomato sauce vandalism

    Since we're on the topic... What is the cure if someone does pour tomato sauce and it needs "cleaning"? Sincere question...
  7. Cyberlawn Mower... Just gonna add Cyber to everything

    True - prob better batteries now - but even double battery (for me personally) would not have been enough. Also - guide wire issues (had to bury around entire property). But overall, once perfected - an AMAZING solution (can mow at night due to quietness, damp rain capable, blades give better...
  8. Cyberlawn Mower... Just gonna add Cyber to everything

    Not OP - but I owned one YEARS AGO - made in Israel - same design as todays - great, quiet - but only works for smaller lawns. Someone who needs a one like this Ryobi prob has a lawn too big for a Robomower (currently)
  9. Any news on CyberQUAD?

    Resurrecting this thread 🧵 I now have my Cybertruck.. and looking for the next great toy ! I guess Starship may have priority… I understand totally. Extending human consciousness is PROBABLY more important than extending my personal exhilaration.
  10. Cyberlawn Mower... Just gonna add Cyber to everything

    Wow awesome!!! Love that Ryobi Zero turn - what’s the largest practical lawn you can do without battery change?
  11. I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    ^THIS SUCH A GREAT POINT - Only way this makes sense is if OP shows us that he’s ordered a Rivian or Chevy instead. And then we still reserve right to ridicule. “BUH-BYE”
  12. Get your Tesla Mezcal!!

    Ha! 2050 - one foundation truck for sale with an unopened bottle of Tesla tequila - Price: One Billion Dollars… (I’ll throw in unused carpet floor matts and unused roof sunshade still in package) lololol
  13. Get your Tesla Mezcal!!

    I still haven't cracked open my OG Tesla Tequila...
  14. Reasonable # times/day to check Tesla app for a VIN (poll)

    Warning: EVEN THOUGH YOU GET A VIN, it's not over. It will still be some days depending on your location. And BE PREPARED for them to (a) not be ready on the delivery date - still lots of kinks in the system and (b) possibly be delayed ON the Day of from whatever time you are designated to maybe...
  15. Digital Rearview Mirror Suggestions?

    After several weeks I still kinda miss the rearview mirror - esp when turn signal changes the view to side camera. Just not ideal if I want to see side AND what’s behind me when turning. That and no access to bed from cabin are 2 biggest misses :-(
  16. Digital Rearview Mirror Suggestions?

    very helpful ! Thanks so much
  17. Digital Rearview Mirror Suggestions?

    Hello CT army! I would love to get a Digital rearview mirror like the link below - but I believe they are all 12v.. Does anyone have a solution or have you seen something that would work on CT ? IT would probably sell like HotCakes... Thanks for any suggestions... ref link...
  18. Chevy Silverado EV RST functionality (tailgate, rear window, midgate, range, HUD) blows away Cybertruck

    there are a few things I wish CT had - better parking sensors, access to the bed from the cabin. "oh-shit" bars (on the pillar to grab during rough riding), digital rearview camera... however I can't love the ride any more. Everything is just perfect. My first Pickup and I love it.
  19. Yet another Review with Cybertruck PROS / CONS from a longtime Tesla owner ..

    Congrats bro Agree with all of the above - have mine since 5/11. The turning and wheel size is amazing! Easily fits in my garage w room to spare. QUESTION: not sure what you mean by “sensors not turned on yet” My understanding is there are no sensors… is that right?