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  1. WD40 - anyone try it?

    wouldn't the oil turn the dust into a sad-looking thing?
  2. Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    the tesla powerwall is 15K with installation no matter what the configuration from all the correspondence I have had with an instal company. I would have imagined there would be some overlap and savings but they don't beak it down.
  3. a sun shield for dash

    The white reflects on the driver side window and impairs the view of the outside rear view mirror. What would be nice is a piece of plastic formed to cover the white dash trim.
  4. a sun shield for dash

    when the sun is high and you are driving into it the white dash trim is fine, except it reflects on the window and side mirror. Making it very difficult to see the rear view mirror.
  5. $500 quote to install Powershare 3V Gateway + Wall Connector

    all the circuits in a panel are rarely used at the same time. So couldn't the homeowner be wise enough to not use too many electrical drains at the same time? "battery back up panel" was an inappropriate way of describing a power panel for the truck's battery to power that was separate from...
  6. $500 quote to install Powershare 3V Gateway + Wall Connector

    yes, I can't figure out if the tesla price includes a battery back up panel. which is a pricey operation.
  7. Is Foundation series tires limited to the All Weathers?

    would love to see your impression of the michelins
  8. Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    in the heat of the moment I couldn't get the truck to go into Offroad. I guess I never put it in park as I tried after having driven some while. my stupid
  9. Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    I drove the cybertruck on a very sloppy mud covered dirt road. It was so slick there was no steering ability at some times. I could plow ahead for tens of yards trying to get to the center of the road and the steering wheel could be in any direction without any response. Pretty scary. So I...
  10. Cybertruck engineer: things we learned with Cybertruck in Baja and will bring via OTA

    I was out on a muddy road today and I can say the tires are not good for slick mud. I never looked into it before but I wasn't able to set up offroad, did you have a software patch for that? There were times when I was on a level surface and the wheels would not turn because of no traction.
  11. Is Foundation series tires limited to the All Weathers?

    From what I have experienced the cybertruck tires are not much use in mud, they must be for rock and loose dirt.
  12. High Battery Vampire Drain

    8% lost overnight in a climate controlled garage, all systems off and plugged in. interestingly the climate in the truck was warmer than the garage temp, as if something was warming the inside.
  13. Results of automatic car wash

    my results of a car wash were not good. most of the panels still had dirt on them as if the spinning rags did not maintain contact. it was quite the scene though, everyone was shooting their cameras while I fumbled getting the truck into carwash mode*. first time failed but found neutral...
  14. Rear Seat 120v Outlet (and Console) -- Photo

    no power outlet built in the frunk. apparently, there is power behind the plastic panel.
  15. Rear Seat 120v Outlet (and Console) -- Photo

    how do you release it? I thought I tried everything to get it down
  16. Rear Seat 120v Outlet (and Console) -- Photo

    does the rear center seat in the cybertruck fold down for a console?
  17. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    I have an idea for tesla: put a screen protector sheet on the inside of the windshield during assembly.. That huge expanse of glass isn't going to be easy to clean. And mine was not clean now that I see it in a different light.
  18. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    that is a nice little restaurant in Glendale