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  1. Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    honestly not a huge fan of this idea... it won't help with production speed, even if the effect is minimal... buy it stock, wrap it later... this is coming from a guy who plans to have his CT wrapped most likely...
  2. CTTG Video: Why Tesla should STOP selling FSD (and rent it instead)

    would be all for something like this. once FSD comes to full operability, I'll engage it so my car can drive me home from the bar 🍻 for daily driving I will honestly enjoy being in control for most drives.
  3. 8000 Ton Giga Press Rumor

    wouldn't surprise me, we've been hearing about the 8,000 ton press for months now, I'm sure they were building it well before that youtube video from IDRA came out a few weeks ago. I'm not saying I'm 100% sold that those drone images are of the 8T press, but it's certainly possible
  4. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    the cyberlandr website shows it is $49k... but if you throw a $5k downpayment on it today it will knock $10k off the actual price, that is, assuming it isn't vaporware as mentioned above... I'm in no rush, the amount of aftermarket products that will be built for the CT will likely be staggering
  5. Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    I won't be naïve and say I have no concerns, but I will also point out that given sentry mode and cameras, Teslas will capture vandalism occurring, whereas most all other vehicles don't, so the data is sort of biased on the surface... it's like saying houses with ring doorbells get robbed all...
  6. When do you think Tesla will begin contacting people for Cybertruck orders?

    maybe anyone with M3 pre-order experience can chime in? How early did you get the true configuration and pre-order email from Tesla before taking possession of your M3?
  7. Morgan Stanley estimates Cybertruck production volume to hit 100k/year in 2025 🤦🏻‍♂️

    And the M3 requires paint, didn't have a giga-casting, and Tesla was still very much in its infancy in regard to making making vehicles "for the masses". The M3 was the first car that was much more accessible to the average earner in the US, and their first time having to aggressively ramp to...
  8. Cybertruck Production Earlier Than Expected? Pilot line being built @ Fremont

    I wonder... with Ford making 1 Million+ F150's in a given year, how much bigger is their factory? That number seems astounding, especially given that it is built in the more traditional car manufacturing process that Tesla is claiming to be so inefficient both in time and cost? Genuine...
  9. Cybertruck Production Earlier Than Expected? Pilot line being built @ Fremont

    This^^ -- I think there is confusion that Fremont is being somehow used to speed up delivery of the CT, when realistically it's an effort to familiarize personnel with the building process, and maybe iron out some real world kinks in the system before *actual* production begins in Texas. Will...
  10. Cybertruck Production Earlier Than Expected? Pilot line being built @ Fremont

    My guess is the timeline is going to stay the same at best, and this is simply going to help for production ramp as things heat up in late (late) 2021 and then into 2022. I'm happy they are trying to get employees familiarized with the process in an effort to hit the ground running, I just...
  11. Car Dealers Sue Rivian, Secretary Of State Over EV Sales

    Sounds a lot like taxi drivers getting all up in arms because Uber was utterly destroying their overpriced business model... Innovators gonna innovate... car dealerships are letting out their death cry as they see the end is in sight... sorry, you took advantage of people for eons, everyone...
  12. Monthly Cybertruck Insurance Cost? Can consumer afford $500-$1000 financing and another $400-$500 insurance cost?

    The insurance question is such a moving target, I feel it's almost pointless to speculate. So much of someone's insurance costs come from their provider/age/driving history/location etc. that we will see rates varying to the extremes IMO Overall, I could agree that the "average" - whatever that...
  13. New BEV Truck - Hercules Alpha

    I hope they go public so I can short their stock 💸
  14. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    see this is why I am just a dummy on the internet and not a Tesla engineer... that's pretty cool... from a "less parts = better" standpoint it sorta seems like trading one part for another, also the mechanisms needed for a self-opening door would seem to add more parts to the overall vehicle vs...
  15. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I can already see the people living in sub-zero winter states furiously staring at their frozen CT while mashing their Tesla App for the door to open.
  16. ICE proposed EOL 2035

    I could certainly imagine that in the foreseeable future people may need special (paid for) exemptions in order to have ICE vehicles. I can hear California's gov't rubbing their greedy hands together already. There will pretty much always be a need for fossil fuel, but it may just be relegated...
  17. What will be Elon's "One more thing" moment at the reveal?

    I think Elon will say "the CT was a joke, you're never gonna get one, thanks for the $100" then shed his skin and ascend into the sky
  18. Are we thinking there will be a re-shuffle of orders?

    our Scandinavian and Australian forum members would love for you to be right... alas, they could be #1 in line and it wouldn't make a difference...
  19. Are we thinking there will be a re-shuffle of orders?

    when the time comes, yes. Peoples "place in line" right now is a realllly loose representation of where you actually stand in the true queue (unless you have a serviceable crystal ball)... people will cancel, many people ordered multiple orders for single/dual/tri and will cancel, many won't...