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  1. datechboss101

    Cybertruck is Eternal?... The last vehicle you ever need to purchase?

    Definitely a daily and tow rig for sure. Will I keep it as long we keep Hondas? I am not sure. If this can be proven reliable over time (with that giant screen not having any failures at all), and I mean overtime, sure, I will keep it and have future heirs learn how to drive in this tank rather...
  2. datechboss101

    This site has affected my thought processes – not necessarily for the better

    Some dude in the Nissan forums said his daughter filled up her 1st gen Rogue with diesel and the engine blew (I believe that was the result?) or something similar, because the car died after all the gasoline was used up.
  3. datechboss101

    When to install the garage charger for your CT

    Only whenever I obtain my CT and figure out if both of my breaker boxes are safe to handle an EV charger. If not, I am planning an interesting charging solution. Should be cost free if this works out.
  4. datechboss101

    Cybertruck Models Acceleration Comparison Simulator

    In car guy terms, the CT3 sent both CT2 and CT1 to gapplebees. Glad to know that Elon is keeping the CT3 the fastest and best EV truck for the money.
  5. datechboss101

    China Cybertruck owner

    Don't you guys have some weird import laws and taxes on products being imported from the States? It would be better financial wise to buy a CT that was built in China rather than buying one that was built in the states and then shipped overseas to China.
  6. datechboss101

    This site has affected my thought processes – not necessarily for the better

    I agree with David here. Be careful. I'm very passionate towards ICE vehicles, and getting an EV was trying the waters for me. I would back-out of my reservation if the price is not where I like it (cannot negotiate the price with Tesla, unfortunately). If you cannot afford the CT then get a...
  7. datechboss101


    I do see Japan's point here on why they are hesitant. They got the god awful Prius (shouldn't be in existence at all), Hydrogen fueled cell vehicles, Plug-in hybrids, etc. I actually prefer the Hybrid option. We all need to slowly transition into other fueled type of vehicles, but also we need...
  8. datechboss101

    Tri-Motor Insurance Cost

    If insurance companies go based off of 0-60MPH ratings, I would've been paying way below $1000 for 6 months for my current car and my previous vehicle. I honestly hope it would not be astronomical of a price increase to pay for the CT3 compared to a Hypercar or Dodge Demon/Hellcat. In which...
  9. datechboss101

    Maximizing MPGs w/o spending Arms and Legs

    Here's the issue: I wrecked my previous car on the Turnpike because of god awful drivers. Its the reason why I put "the most concentrated highway of horrible drivers". But from data that I collected from my previous vehicle, the turnpike yielded me 520 miles on a tank (round trip).
  10. datechboss101

    Maximizing MPGs w/o spending Arms and Legs

    I am going to be going back to my usual 500 to 1000 mile weekly commute to Miami and back from May 8th to the remainder of the year. My only issue is that I don't want to spend a ton of money on tolls (usually the most efficient route, cuz FL Turnpike). So any ideas to save on fuel so I don't go...
  11. datechboss101

    What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    I'll be towing my MDX to shops and car shows. I will also be attaining a racecar down the line and will be towing that to shops and to race tracks (will be frequenting Sebring International Raceway). The trailer will be an enclosed trailer that would be able to fit my MDX and racecar.
  12. datechboss101

    Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    With the amount of uneducated human beings living and roaming around this world, who clearly do not think about the consequences of their actions, I would prefer to put some type of protection film on my asset. And its the first expensive vehicle we will own. Sure, it might be a dumb idea, but...
  13. datechboss101

    Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    My previous car was vandalized on my own driveway at night and Geico paid the repairs (those selfish thugs resulted in $1100 worth of repairs)! We didn't had any cameras to capture the culprit but since the CT has Teslacam it should capture the faces of the suspects so the police can arrest...
  14. datechboss101

    Tesla owner with Mustang Mach-E reports threats on social media from Tesla fans

    This is so common in the car community. Its nearly toxic, and those death threats are unsurprising at all. Tesla fanboys are a total different breed. I personally love both EVs and ICE vehicles.
  15. datechboss101

    ""White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure, Buttigieg says"

    There's a ton of taxes for ICE already! And barely any tax for EV. There should be some taxes on EVs too.
  16. datechboss101

    Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    Wonder if the app will have the feature to open the doors!
  17. datechboss101

    ICE proposed EOL 2035

    I believe it was a CNBC video on youtube that I watched that said that aircrafts (I.e: passenger airplanes) waste fuel just to land the jet. That's literally tons of gallons of fuel wasted and dissolved into the atmosphere!
  18. datechboss101

    Check Out This Tesla Cybertruck Render With Dually Conversion And Bed Rack

    Dually option would be nice. Would be interesting to see lifted CTs here in Florida slapped with the Salt Life sticker on the rear!
  19. datechboss101

    How many Members are here in the Club?

    That's all registered users. We should have a page or option to see all active users per month or something like that. All we have right now is the active users per day basis.
  20. datechboss101

    ICE proposed EOL 2035

    There's something I still need clarification on, that these democrat aligned politicians needs to answer: How do you turn an EV to a racecar and add additional power to it without waiting for the manufacturer sending an OTA update to increase it? I.e.: Turbo chargers, Superchargers, exhaust...