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  1. The sweet sound of an engine

    Wouldn’t this be like putting a Mattel Varoom motor on it?
  2. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Reason I chose airless tires over CTIS , Central Tire Inflation System, is this limits where you get your tires worked on. In some cases this is a full days job. Sometimes nice to have can be troublesome later. The reason I’d prefer airless is, I’m tired of airing my tires up after each...
  3. Monthly Cybertruck Insurance Cost? Can consumer afford $500-$1000 financing and another $400-$500 insurance cost?

    When I put my money down I had already thought of this and planned on it as my top figure. If it turns out to be less than expected, then it is still a WIN!
  4. Anyone considering getting Solar with the new Green Act

    where I live in NW Texas cost is 9.21 per kWh.
  5. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    What is wrong with 70? I’m there and am still working my full time job.
  6. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Wife and I will Fly or drive to pick up CT
  7. Cybertruck Cabin Facing Camera?

    I take meds for narcolepsy. A side effect of shift work for 30 years along with PTSD from Vietnam.
  8. Charging Rivian .v. Tesla Maps

    I see the word planned. Doesn’t say when. Could be planned for a long time!
  9. Wheels

    Isn’t it interesting how we are ready to change one persons vision of perfect. Perfectness is different to every person. I like the wheels like they are. Shows futurism. Blade runner style. Instead of that which could show up on any vehicle. I will like your thread because this is each...
  10. Changing tires without a jack or lift

    Ah, yes and with the on board air compressor a torque wrench with a limit to stop at the right torque.
  11. 30 Day Plates

    My initials and my wife’s. She merits this because she has stuck by me when no one else has, she is the Love of my life, she is my best friend, you never see us apart unless we are working. We will be with each other till the day we die. We both gave up family and friends for each other. We...
  12. Cybertruck Cabin Facing Camera?

    There main reasons I would like this: 1. If carjacked Tesla would know. 2. If someone falls asleep while driving, the truck would pull over at a safe place and park. 3. For those under the influence, it would take you home. These reasons protect both them and your family.
  13. Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    I didn’t know Willy wired hand was still around.
  14. What if you reservation number is not on the list?

    That was a long time ago. When I ordered there was only around 250,000 orders,
  15. 30 Day Plates

    I live in NW Texas and had ordered my new plates for the Cybertruck, registered them to my current vehicle till then. I asked about the transfer of the tags to the Cybertruck. All I have to do is remove the custom tags when trading and take the tags to the tag office and they would register...
  16. What if you reservation number is not on the list?

    I guess some of us don’t fully understand what is important anymore. When trying to log my regrestration number that was the easiest part. The difficult part is remembering at what time and date you ordered it. After that in seeking help with it none could be found. The system is not made...
  17. Carjacking and the Cybertruck [LOCKED: NO POLITICS!]

    The terminology is you shoot to stop. If taken to court and you use the phrase “ shoot to kill” it shows intent. You always shoot to stop. Your defense is, I was in fear of my life.
  18. Yoke Steering Wheel in S, X Cybertruck. NHTSA says, ‘What you talking ‘bout, Elon?!”

    When I hear things like this coming from the outside I come to the understand that they mayhave stocks in oil and ICE autos. Reason I say this is from a work related incident where I was talking to someone about the cyber. It truck. When they found out I was talking about electric, you...
  19. 6.5% of EV drivers in TEAXS who experienced an outage had battery energy storage system

    Tankless system is the way to go. I got in when the best systems first came to our city. A $3000 dollar system then is now $10,000.