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  1. Cybertruck Models Acceleration Comparison Simulator

    This is pretty cool. So what if you switch from a SM to TM or DM to a TM, do you lose your place in line?
  2. Anyone else shake their head when the other manufactures talk about tech?

    Its pretty sad when you think about it. The cars of the 70's and 80's were complete garbage. Imports showed up that were more reliable and the big 3 had to step up quality. I live in Rochester, the home of Kodak and Xerox. They would invent tech, patent it so other companies couldn't use it, and...
  3. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    A little late to the thread but to the OP's original question, I'm hoping the CT doesn't change. I love the looks. My wife hates the way it looks and did not want me to order one. One night we were having dinner with old friends we haven't seen since pre covid, found out that his...
  4. Anyone else shake their head when the other manufactures talk about tech?

    When I see tv commercials from other car makers and they talk about how advanced they are, I just shake my head and wonder how many people are impressed with these advanced features? I mean they show a blind spot monitor, talk about all the driving modes, and show the vehicle going down a dusty...
  5. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    I could not have said it better myself.
  6. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    This is so cool. Kinda like we opening a gift together and its taking us months to do it. lol The anticipation is awesome.
  7. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    Makes sense. and thanks for the time stamps on the video, I was able to see the changes
  8. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    Yes at the very end of the video the CT appears to be more level. When the bed is empty the rear end does sit higher though. I wonder if they could have raised it a bit more with the ATV in the bed or if level is as high as it will go?
  9. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    I think the CT looks borderline overloaded with the ATV in the bed. Hopefully it will carry the weight better than the pic suggests.
  10. Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    Great points. I am so excited to be on the list for a CT. I am sure it will receive a lot of attention, hopefully almost 100% positive.
  11. Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    I think your concerns are valid. I have seen a lot of videos of century mode on Tesla cars capturing vandalism. Given that the CT seems to be even more polarizing than the other Tesla models being extra cautious would be advised.
  12. Double billing?

    I agree that user error is a possibility but given the number of reports I think it may be just as likely a mistake on Tesla's end. If it was the customer that made the mistake then at least the ordering process should be reviewed to see if the likely hood of this can be reduced by having the...
  13. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    I agree that pricing needs to take into account what the competition is charging. Although I don't those ICE trucks as actual competition. It also needs to make $. Lower cost to build, no money spent on advertising, no huge dealership network.... I see a lot of cost savings. Offering the CT for...
  14. New here! Some thoughts on Cybertruck

    You will love this comedy routine about the vw bug
  15. What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    I look forward to these questions being answered: Final cost? Range? How much will it cost me to insure?
  16. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    The Mustang Mach - E shows a button to open the door. Again I have some concerns about eliminating handles all together in cold climates. I can tell you that our vehicles are often covered in snow and ice. I can see these electronic sensors being problematic in extreme weather. I also have...
  17. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I have been thinking of that as well. If the CT has armor glass and no door handles will that present problems for first responders? I know that they have had to adapt to new potential electrical hazards that crashed EV's present. I wonder if these questions are being addressed at planning?
  18. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    This could be a problem where I live. We get some very cold temps. Freezing windows, doors, and locks are not uncommon.
  19. Cybertruck Vs. F-150 Hybrid (Video)

    I have to be honest, I started reading some of the stats posted then I remembered none of them matter to me. For me my choice of vehicle is more about how it makes me feel than how much weight it can carry. I drive an F150 now and its boring. It has a nice appearance package and looks nice but...
  20. New here! Some thoughts on Cybertruck

    Its certainly polarizing. Glad to hear you found the one for you. This will be my first vehicle that will really stand out. I am a little concerned I might not like all the attention I could see the CT getting. However, you having your own business it could be a great thing. People will...