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  1. TalSet

    Poll: Test Drive or Sight unseen?

    No need to test drive it :D
  2. TalSet

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I have definitely to cover a long distance. @fritter63 :p I hope it will be legal to drive in Europe. When it´s possible, I definitely gonna pick it up and drive from Austin to anywhere in CA, and then to NY. Then shipping me and the CT to Sweden or Norway and driving back to Austria :D Since...
  3. TalSet

    Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    My one is gonna used to work. I am a building cleaner and most use of it is to tow a 1 ton trailer that contains a reverse osmosis system to clean big glass in high altitude. For it, I need electric power (about 800 watt) - so it would not be necessary anymore to put a long wire from the car to...
  4. TalSet

    Upgraded order from dual to tri motor!

    I´ve reserved the Dual Motor, but I´m still thinking about upgrading because of 2 reasons: 1st: I pull a 1,5 tons trailer quite every day to work. 2nd: I live in Austria about 900 meter above the see and when I have to go to work in the ally that is about 400 meters above the see, then I am...
  5. TalSet

    Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    At least you all people from the US and Kanada get a Cybertruck. When we (Europe, me in Austria) get one, then definitely more than 1 year later.....IF we get one. Otherwise I´ll fly to Austin andship it to Austria and register it as a special/ registered car. However, I still think that the...
  6. TalSet

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Man it would be awesome if I can licence the Cybertruck here in Austria, flying with my Licence Plate to Austin, then making a Road Trip to CA and the from West to East to NY . I have never been in the US, so that would be a perfect opportunity to visit that country.
  7. TalSet

    Should Cybertruck Camping Mode Have Self-Level Feature?

    Can air suspension self level the car on each wheel or can it only make the front 2 wheels and the back 2 wheels up and down?
  8. TalSet

    Should a Shortbed Cybertruck come with a discount price ?

    I hope that the the smaller version has the same lenght of the bed, but no second sitting row. I barely have more than 3 person´s in my car )
  9. TalSet

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    I guess that it will become more cheaper than more expensive. At least after 1 year, and then about after 3 years.
  10. TalSet

    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    The front looks really scratched. Or is that just typical steel brush?
  11. TalSet

    How much kwh will the electric outlet in the bed output?

    32A 220~240 V would be insane. How many kw/h is theoretical possible to take out of the battery ? I think this option it be: CT will have the new solid* batteries instead of LI-Ion batteries. But you can not take out as much as power as from Li-Ion batteries. Here is what Maxwell...
  12. TalSet

    How much kwh will the electric outlet in the bed output?

    Well Europe (not the EU ! ) / the country in it has multiple Standard, not like US where there are all Type B Type E primarily used in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia Type F mainly used in German, Austria, Type G mainly used in UK and Ireland Type J only in Switzerland and...
  13. TalSet

    How much kwh will the electric outlet in the bed output?

    @Dids Sorry, my english is not as good as it should be. I am self-depled, or as we say "I am my own Boss" - @ajdelange, Well 240V with 30A would be insane. But then I would prefer 16A CEE Power Sockert. Well that are 400V - Maybe there is a Option for that. I am not that good with electronic...
  14. TalSet

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    Think that it will be a additional upgrade that you can buy afterwards, something like the newest upgrade for ravens. Can´t imagine that there will be 2 different motor versions for the trimotor. I guess Plaid or nothing. And standard is called tri-motor, and the performance version is called...
  15. TalSet

    How much kwh will the electric outlet in the bed output?

    Hello dear CTOC Members :) This is my first topic, so apologize me for putting this thread into battery & charging. hope it´s fine. I am completely new here on the forum, and I am glad that I found it :D Short introduce: I am a self-deploying building cleaner that want to use the CT as a...