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  1. Suskis

    Tailosive EV: "Why I'm Worried About the Cybertruck"

    the lack of batteries could have only a victim in Tesla production line: the Semi. A Semi eats up so many batteries that Tesla could just scrap the project and focus on cars only (if I recall correctly, you can power 8 Model Y with 1 Semi's batteries alone). the CT is going to be extremely...
  2. Suskis

    Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    I don't know... I preordered a CT because I love the idea of driving an armored veichle that fears no scratch. A wrap negates this, completely. As soon as your wrap is scratched, the underlying steel is going to shine through like a lit lamp. I am more interested in the possible option to laser...
  3. Suskis

    Name your Cybertruck

    my Cybertruck will be named TARDIGRADE (the thoughest living being)
  4. Suskis

    First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    it's 8000 TONS. Made by my fellow italian engineers at IDRA!
  5. Suskis

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    I don't want a much smaller CT. Slightly, ok. But not much smaller. We have big trucks in Europe! Also: this is not a ciry car. It's an off-road beast: why bother about narrow streets? CT can drive through walls! Please le me sign a petition to import CT to Europe. I preordered one: so, what the...
  6. Suskis

    Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    I think the interior is the only think Telsa is doing wrong in Cybertruck. The outer parts are made to be as hardened, rugged, resiliente, unbreakable and bulletproof possible. The interiors, at the opposite, show clear leather seats, a paper dash and, of course, the tablet interface to the...
  7. Suskis

    Ford VP Disses Cybertruck, Calling Electric F-150 a "Real" Work Truck

    Ford has more debt than my country (Italy). They started caring about electric veichles 1 year ago and suddenly they can dish out top notch products?
  8. Suskis

    How strong will be CT's glass (Transparent Metal)?

    We have seen that a glass roof can sustain an incredible amount of force (2 men can climb on a Model S glass roof and it won't flinch). But this happens because the glass roof is curved. The curve itself makes it extremely strong, just in old roman bridges. So: CT has all flat glasses. Ok, they...
  9. Suskis

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    just ordered a dual motor (as promised, when my Tesla chairs reached $200k). mine was order RN1194349. I live in Italy so I am unsure on what this number really means...
  10. Suskis

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    About the pedestrian safety: shouldn't auto brake system + self driving be enough to qualify CT as safer than normal cars with smoother edges? No hit is better than a soft hit!
  11. Suskis

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Size is not relevant to me. It's the "indestructable" idea that appeals me!
  12. Suskis

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    I thought that the easiest way to make it smaller, shorter and lighter is to make it a 3 seater. In Europe, most families have 1 or no kids. But, anyway, CT is an utility truck: it's not something you are expected to use to use for going shopping
  13. Suskis

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    But what is the real problem with a CT in Europe? As others have pointed out, it's not a size problem F150 Raptor is bigger than CT and it's legal. The "pedestrian safety" argument can be valid, but it all depends on what they are going to evaluate the real thing in the end (just like the side...
  14. Suskis

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Ciao from Italy, I preordered a Model 3, then did a test drive and realized it's damn too low to the ground. Iwas intrigued by CT since the reveal, so I have now switched to this beast, at least technically. Until we know wether there will be an european version or not (and, if so, how different...