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  1. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    I enjoy watching the videos as much as listening to the music. (y).
  2. Polestar crash

    The issue highlighted was a real problem as mentioned above. It would absolutely make sense for the system to double check these with mapping and real time vehicle data. That would make such pranks useless (or will only target human drivers).
  3. First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    Looks like they are cutting the SW corner for now.... :D
  4. Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    After all it looks like the gear sifter is actually on the touchscreen. Even though with Tesla's smart gear prediction, it'll be rarely ever used (baring the first few times when you show it off to friends / family). Most will be super happy to see the auto gear selection anyways.
  5. Polestar crash

    There's still the issue of tunnel painted on a wall. I think, radar will be far superior here and will clearly see that there's no road ahead without any further computing necessary.
  6. Polestar crash

    I hope the FSD software has this already accounted for especially during the mornings and evenings when the shadows are the longest. With enough evidence (as in millions of repetitive data), I don't see this as a big problem that they cannot overcome.
  7. Polestar crash

    This one shouldn't be even a news. Only Tesla crashes should be reported and investigated. :D
  8. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    What's the full length and breadth of the structure? Is it quarter of a mile long?
  9. VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    It’s been almost 10 days since Randy uploaded a video. Is the weather that bad? Hope Randy has power at home (I still don’t have power BTW) :D. Currently the only good news we can have is to hear something about the factory site. But I’m guessing that everything must be halted there too...
  10. Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    I heard the GM is also planning to start a separate commercial EV business bypassing the dealerships (bright star or something like that). The age of dealerships is nearing its “sell by date” and it will end soon along with the ICE industry. Pretty soon there will be a legislation to remove to...
  11. Cybertruck Crash Test Predictions

    That is exactly where Tesla is concentrating with its FSD. I believe they mentioned 9 times safer than human drivers (per Tesla), even though I understand that it could be possibly a biased result too.
  12. Cybertruck Crash Test Predictions

    I don't particularly agree to the view that driving larger cars are a danger to everyone else. But being complacent to safe driving in any size vehicles is a danger to everyone else on the road. Here is the proof of our theory that smaller cars are less safe than larger cars, performed by none...
  13. The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Compared to the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf

    I don't think they had even planned on making a pure BEV when they were planning the volt. It was only after Tesla became wildly successful with the model 3 unveil, that they realized it is a viable product. At that point Bolt was the only option I guess.
  14. Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    All I'm saying is, these changes are progressive and most will not have a problem switching over. Such as switching over from flip phones with buttons to touchscreen smart phones, old school cameras to digital cameras, retail shopping in malls to amazon, etc simply because they offer a magnitude...
  15. Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    You are making a lot of assumptions that things will not change for the majority. Most will not have a problem with switching over to touchscreens if it saves them money and increases functionality. You don't use a flip phone, do you? You like sunroofs and buttons to operate them. How about not...
  16. Cybertruck Crash Test Predictions

    You are looking at it from an altruistic point of view. The crash test ratings of a vehicle are stratified to their segment level so that 3-5 star rated mid size car is only comparable to another mid size car in a collision. In a mid size vs truck collision, the chances of injury and crash...
  17. WORKHORSE EV vans and ARRIVAL EV vans and buses

    Like the concept, but in rural areas, how do we know if the drone deposited the box in front of the front door or behind the back door...? :D The drone should have some AI to recognize the front of the house by looking at it from the top.