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  1. Nap Mode for Cybertruck - wishlist

    I like the idea as there are many time i just need a hotel for a few hours and just to sleep and shower.
  2. Cybertruck Hot Wheels 1:64 Die-Cast

    so any idea when it will go on sale? I do not see it released yet.
  3. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    this will defiantly look awesome and i love it but will require some getting used to like running out to grab a coat left in car now need connected device like phone i assume and can't just leave unlocked
  4. Poll: Test Drive or Sight unseen?

    i would commit to it but need to see one in person and sit in it before i stroke that check. I have honestly never driven a Tesla at all. I have only ridden in 1 model X.
  5. Update VOTE: Should we do a “Cybertruck Lightbar "Wave"?”

    i had a cj for many years jeep wave in the wrangler and cj is a thing. The boat wave is more for lakes then coastal. For the cyber truck i think a quick bow using the air suspension will work. hit a button the front drops slightly and back up.
  6. Giga Austin just keeps getting bigger - 2,500 acres w/potential to expand up to 3,500 acres

    I am personally not a true environmentalist. I do appreciate the benefits to electric vs gas and it is part of my decision but i am buying because the Cybertruck is Badass.
  7. Hotwheels RC Cybertruck starts deliveries. Have you received yours?

    My email says May 1st but I hope it comes early!
  8. CT Versus Cybervan

    no i want the truck for truck reasons
  9. Who would commit a down payment today?

    I would now but most likely would not have when i placed it week of reveal. I think the low barrier for reservation worked on many. I did it on a whim then became a huge fan as i was invested so to say.
  10. Southwest GA here.

    that number is really for all Tesla they don't use a count for just Cyber truck. Also it will somewhat roll out by model and region more than just line place.
  11. CyberQuad Specs

    me too
  12. But How...?

    so easiest answer for the vault cover is that it will not operate with the gate down. If the pass thru is down the cover stays in what ever position you put it in before you open it. So going to sleep in bed close cover and open mid gate to climb thru. Want to carry larger cargo open the cover...
  13. Cybertruck Options VS Standard Equipment

    I still think the Tri Motor and the Plaid version might be two different packages. The difference might be software but I could easily see that that could cost more. The tri motor has never been called "plaid" by Must just that he would drive a Plaid cybertruck.
  14. Does any CT owners planning on changing out their RV's or camp trailers for CT?

    I travel a lot for business. i am considering using the Cyber Truck sometimes instead of a hotel. Those early am meetings a few hours away you drive in late take a nap in the Vault and freshen up in the waffle house bathroom the next am. not often but i sometimes leave late after kids go to bed...
  15. People often overestimate the range they need... Wildly.

    my main thing is we go to the beach a lot it is about 250 miles door to door. This is all hwy miles so much less regenerative breaking. I would like to be able to get there without stopping at a super charger.
  16. Naming your CyberTruck

    Mine will be the plaid version and so there fore “Balls”
  17. Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    yes i want to fly in with my son and pick mine up and drive it back to SC where i live. Just to generally enjoy some time with my son while i can.
  18. Metal roof rather than glass on the Cybertruck

    it is armor glass so it should be just fine.
  19. What is the best dog for CT?

    Defiantly a pug nose but athletic. I say Boston Terrier
  20. Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    I am looking a this as more towing that actual miles. 700 milers of range i don't really need but 300 miles towing a boat or other trailer i do need. It is capacity not range we need in n reality. A 700 mile range means more tow capasitiy.