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  1. SpaceDoc

    📸 Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Love all the leg room. if you had a bench seat, the middle person would be just fine. Or maybe your SO could slide up and sit next to you while riding down the road. Old school. 😉
  2. SpaceDoc

    📸 Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    well the Chevy is further away so hard to compare, but yeah, the CT has great clearance!
  3. SpaceDoc

    Great Source for EV Consumer and Industry News

    if you’ve never visited the Green Car Reports website, check it out. It’s a great source of news for Tesla and the broader EV market and industry.
  4. SpaceDoc

    First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    Wow! That's a brutal machine. Brutal machine for a brutalist truck. LOL! ;)
  5. SpaceDoc

    Can Tesla Cybertruck Actually Stop Bullets? Technical Analysis by a Firearms Instructor [** NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS **]

    Couldn't agree more. Musk says/does a lot of sensational, provocative things, which don't ultimately serve the cause. Hopefully he'll learn to be more restrained one day, and just deliver all the amazing things he does and leave the BS out of it.
  6. SpaceDoc

    Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    Seems like "brutalism" is the media buzzword associated with the Cybertruck. o_O:LOL:
  7. SpaceDoc

    Use Cybertruck as stationary power source.

    you are right on all points, and all of these issues have been solved for some time now. grid tied solar systems with battery backup disconnect themselves from the grid when running off battery so you dont fry some poor lineman repairing downed lines who thinks there’s no charge on the wire...
  8. SpaceDoc

    Use Cybertruck as stationary power source.

    vehicle to grid is part of the utility and the promise of distributed power. it may be that any electric vehicle in the near future will be *required* (as in by law) to store power for the grid as a whole and provide backup during emergencies such as the recent debacle in Texas during the Arctic...
  9. SpaceDoc

    Why Startups (and Tesla) Will Struggle with Electric Pick Ups

    Ha! True. Motley Fool was decent when it started out. They always had something interesting to add, but past few years (maybe more?) their articles are fluff that try to sell you on some bs or another. I’m sort of partial to Ford, having owned a number of them, but I dont see them making...
  10. SpaceDoc

    Nice Overview of Pros and Cons of EV Ownership Just read this blog post about EV ownership. Having just spent $700 for four tires on my ICE mobile, I hadn't even considered the expense of tires for an EV with all the high torque and my lead foot! Still, the EV pros seem to...
  11. SpaceDoc

    Elon Reconfirms Production Cybertruck Will be Around 3% Smaller. Factory Delivery / Pick Up Will Be Available!

    Rogan is a bit of a dope, but he can be amusing at times. It's a little weird that Elon Musk has been on his podcast so much. An outgoing extroverted, big mouth, and an introverted nerd that can barely speak because his mind is thinking ten things at once, maybe they're complimentary.
  12. SpaceDoc

    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    That may be the understatement of the year. ;)
  13. SpaceDoc

    If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    1. dual 50 cal machine guns 2. rocket powered ejection seats 3. submarine mode 😬😻🚀
  14. SpaceDoc

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I bet this has been stated before in this thread, but I don’t have the patience to sift through 35 pages... 😬 If the tri-motor is being produced first, and you put a deposit down for a tri-motor, then you might expect to get yours sooner than would be indicated by your order number alone. Plus...
  15. SpaceDoc

    Potential Cybertruck Competitor -- The Nikola Badger Pickup, is Dead

    Indeed. It smacked of BS from the get go. The claims made just seemed too good to be true. Or maybe that's my bias. The CT claims almost seem too good to be true, but then Musk usually delivers on those same claims.
  16. SpaceDoc

    Potential Cybertruck Competitor -- The Nikola Badger Pickup, is Dead

    You can tow it back up hill with your CyberTruck.
  17. SpaceDoc

    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    Tucson is another small, awesome city! I love that no matter which direction you drive in Tucson, you are staring at some mountains in the (not so) distance.
  18. SpaceDoc

    Tesla Seeks Approval for Battery Production at Texas Gigafactory

    Or Elon misquoted himself. LOL! Or maybe Elon has access to more info than we are aware of. :unsure:;)
  19. SpaceDoc

    Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    He’s already taking on those companies via SpaceX! 🚀🚀🚀 ... And giving them a solid spanking too.
  20. SpaceDoc

    Tesla Using Mobile Service Fleet to Test Cybertruck Steel Before Launch

    I used to go off roading when I lived in Arizona. We’d call those scratches “desert pinstripe”. 😬