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  1. bdmridgeback

    Hotwheels RC Cybertruck starts deliveries. Have you received yours?

    I got shipping notification that mine went out via FedEx and is half way home. Should have it by mid week this week.
  2. bdmridgeback

    SW FL

    I'm in Fort Myers, pre ordered mine morning after reveal. Mine will be daily driver. If the wife likes it she will be driving it to work, otherwise, so far she hates it so I'll be driving and using it for work.
  3. bdmridgeback

    Who's going to polish their truck?

    Engine turn the entire truck!!!
  4. bdmridgeback

    This may answer your "no side mirrors" ???'s

    I like when he says " it has lag but I like when Honda goes off on a tangent and does something others aren't doing" .....basically he's's ok that it sucks like the other Honda's! 🤣
  5. bdmridgeback

    This may answer your "no side mirrors" ???'s

    I know this isn't directly a Cybertruck video but this is where other manufacturers, in this case, Honda, is going with the no side mirror design. Watch this video and notice the side mounted cameras in the mirror locations, and the video displays on the ends of the dash to see the rear view in...
  6. bdmridgeback

    Folding Rear Seat Latch Spotted in Cybertruck?

    Like a Chevy Avalanche?
  7. bdmridgeback

    Article: Who Is *Actually* Going To Buy A Tesla Cybertruck?

    I'm not really in the demographic above either. I'm a hardcore Hot Rod guy. I built everything pictured below from the ground up. I'm a hardcore Chevy guy, I love horsepower and the rumble of a V8, I even named my 20 month old newborn Holden, if any of you know how that is connected. I'm sick...
  8. bdmridgeback

    Are you new to Tesla?

    First Tesla/EV
  9. bdmridgeback

    Tesla RN number... Cybertruck only, or any Tesla?

    Go to Tesla website and log in and you'll see it.
  10. bdmridgeback

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Not mine but stumbled upon these in Facebook groups I follow.
  11. bdmridgeback

    Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    I may end up lowering mine after seeing these!
  12. bdmridgeback

    Tesla RN number... Cybertruck only, or any Tesla?

    My Dual motor order was placed the morning after the reveal and mine is #RN112828744