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  1. Fan Made Cybertruck Trailer

    If they needed to advertise, this would be a great advert. Tesla knows talent when they see it and may give him/her a shout. Well done.
  2. Should and how would I upgrade Single Motor to Dual Motor?

    I was in the same boat, so to speak. I ordered the RWD at first and recently upgraded to AWD dual motor with FSD. It is very easy on the Tesla website. I upgraded for several reasons. Something to consider is a dual motor will also have greater regenerative braking along with higher range...
  3. Tesla FSD and Electronics Are 6 Years Ahead of Competitors Says Model 3 Teardown Report

    Wait til they find out what is going into the Cybertruck. Elon called it almost alien technology and he works with it and sees it everyday. I once joked about him being similar to Henry Starling from Star Trek Voyager...I guess the truth is stranger than fiction, it seems. Go Tesla.
  4. Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    It makes total sense to have two rear motors for pulling torque. I just couldn't see the RWD having enough pulling power and if it did, it would seemingly be way over stressed and require serious cooling. We all knew these things would change slightly as the Cybertruck evolved into production...
  5. Elon is "one of our great geniuses" says President

    Cybertruck would make an awesome presidential limo.
  6. Gen 3 Tesla Wall Charger Launched, Now With WiFi

    I would assume this would be compatible with the Cybertruck?
  7. Tesla has new glass technology for noise reduction, temperature control, and more .

    Hmmm...shocking. Tesla improving an already fantastic product? I wonder if it will also be lighter than the current material. With all those holes in it, it would seem to be. I am quite certain they will improve it even more. hydrophobic? color adapting? Perhaps an OLED film? Talk about...
  8. Camp Mode introduced in latest software will broaden Cybertruck's camping abilities

    Apparently everyone that owns a Tesla worries about range anxiety. How many Superchargers are on the way? Don't sweat it.
  9. Happy Holidays to Our Cybertruck Owners Club Community!

    Cybertruck even makes an xmas tree into a battering ram. (y)
  10. Washing/cleaning

    Tow mode is next to the tractor beam selector, right? :oops::)
  11. Ride Experience in Cybertruck

    This prototype is super cool as it is, but by the time the final product is made, it will be beyond awesome. From what I understand, this prototype model was put together very quickly for the reveal. I think we are almost looking at a cardboard cutout in comparison the final. Can't wait!
  12. Musk confirms: HVAC in bed vault, probably bed access from second row, partial bio-defense mode

    Cyberglamping with your Cybergirl, no doubt :oops::love:(y)
  13. Musk confirms: HVAC in bed vault, probably bed access from second row, partial bio-defense mode

    It will be quite perfect for my Borg Alcove with a temperature of 102.38F. A four hour regeneration should be very comfortable with ablative armor deployed. o_O
  14. Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    Laser etching on the SS would look awesome.
  15. Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    NO WAY! It looks wimpy and it would cost more. I will cancel if this is the end product. Nothing beats stainless steel.
  16. Musk confirms: HVAC in bed vault, probably bed access from second row, partial bio-defense mode

    So let me get this straight...anti zombie vault with HVAC and bio defense- partially. This will be coolest truck ever and so much more. If I had any more kids, I would strongly consider naming them after Elon. And on a side note, the ablative armor over all windows would be awesome.
  17. Cybertruck wouldn't be approved for sale in Europe (in current form)

    Is the whole idea of a crumple zone a non sequitur? Large pickup trucks with heavy steel frames and even heavier engines and transmissions and transfer cases aren't exactly a crumble zone in the least. At least CT has a frunk with no heavy objects acting as a giant battering ram to smash...
  18. Cybertruck battery size estimate

    I can't see any reason why the base model would weight anywhere near that weight. The weight of the frameless exoskeleton should cut back on weight significantly. Motor and battery, assuming the next gen battery will be used should not weigh that much, either. Heavy frame, engine, tranny...
  19. Cybertruck Shows Off Acceleration in New Video

    Did it seem like the vault door was more similar in color to the rest of the body?