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  1. Kenzy

    Clickbait or valid prediction? "Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Ford's Demise Towards Bankruptcy"

    Any of the legacy auto makers will hurt if they don't get into the electric game real seriously. I have read some articles and happen to be one of the people who are chosing the Cybertruck as a first truck. We had planned on the Model Y until the Cybertruck was revealed. It is so much more...
  2. Kenzy

    How will repeated heavy towing affect overall battery life?

    If you haven't already, have a look at Cybertruck guy's video on torque. I don't know alot about towing physics, but this guy seems to, and from what he explained, the efficiency of the torque of the electric truck, and the fact that energy demand while towing after achieving a moving state is...
  3. Kenzy

    Let's Talk Options

    Definitely heated steering wheel option! Built in drink/food cooler would be nice to. Hoping heated seats front and back are standard. Black matte colour. Just noticed the Model Y has a heat pump. Definitely would help keep range up in cold weather.
  4. Kenzy

    Why Elon Thinks Cybertruck Suspension 'Game Changing'. (My Newest Video)

    Great review...well done! I have preordered the truck, and the suspension/ride if very important. Having a good understanding of it is a great help!
  5. Kenzy

    Musk: Cybertruck dimensions (width + length) can be reduced without losing utility or aesthetics

    Suggested changes sound great! Length was the only concern I had after ordering.