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  1. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    I didn't see anything new is these pictures. Just teaser picture with same size as original pictures shown on presentation day!
  2. Interview with Cyberlandr Camper's creators!

    Very Interesting! I would have to see 1 before buying!!
  3. Texas Freeze Raises Cost Of Charging A Tesla To $900

    Here in Canada, we have many huge wind turbine farms, which are running 12 months a year, no matter how cold it gets or how warm it is, with predominant installation in the Gaspe area in Quebec, which has severe winter storm every week!!

    I want to see a real moving car or truck, not some fantasy dream machine picture!
  5. Oil companies refuse to be left out of EV revolution!

    Well I'm glad someone in the Oil Industry has a "Green" Mind for the future, which should be very interesting to watch them grow there business!! Yes they can't make money when you charge at home, however nothing is stopping them to by a electric utility Company for their portfolio.
  6. How are you planning to pay ... cash, lease, loan?

    Just to let you know I got my "T" Coasters today from etsy, Mr. Hartley & they are Great! Can't wait to get my "CT" Coasters! Good Job!
  7. It's time for Prevost to go all-electric

    There is nothing mentioned about the electric bus on the Prevost Bus Web Site
  8. Is this the motocycle to go with the Cybertruck?

    Almost double in price, yak!!
  9. EV Tax Incentive [closed due to political discussions]

    They will increase the carbon tax to offset the lost of tax revenue.
  10. EV Tax Incentive [closed due to political discussions]

    To me, the main incentive for tax credit for acquiring an EV, is about removing as much ICE vehicle from the planet, regardless of the price of the vehicle. The fact that rich people don't need the tax incentive is not a reason for not giving the rebate as rich people are "tight with there...
  11. Anyone Believe the Cybertruck will do well on Turo?

    Tesla will have discounted insurance available for Tesla Owners & for Robotaxi Uses
  12. How are you planning to pay ... cash, lease, loan?

    1997 still to go for your Cybertruck purchase, Congratulation your on your way!!