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  1. SSonnentag

    Cybertruck Models Acceleration Comparison Simulator

    perhaps it’s time to look at those numbers again. <12 sec != <9 sec
  2. SSonnentag

    Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I’m hoping for facial recognition along with the presence of a fob or Bluetooth device along with z hand signal. Approach vehicle, smile at the pillar or fender camera and flash a quick wave. The door pops open a few inches awaiting your entry. I’m also hoping fir soft-close doors. The X doors...
  3. SSonnentag

    Cybertruck dashboard, wasted space?

    I just assumed that was space for kids to sleep. :unsure:
  4. SSonnentag

    Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    My wife loves the Cybertruck.
  5. SSonnentag

    Overlanding Range

    EVs could drive on Mars or the Moon. Let's see what type of supply chain it would take to get an ICE vehicle to do this. My point is, Paris Dakar Rally or Baja 1000 are not valid reasons for (anyone minus a few) to discount driving an EV. Typical off road driving doesn't cover that much...
  6. SSonnentag

    Cybertruck colors are coming, including matte black

    That defeats half the point of having a tough stainless exoskeleton; no more need to worry about scratches.
  7. SSonnentag

    Naming your CyberTruck

    I think the name "Origami" would be fitting for the CT.
  8. SSonnentag

    Morgan Stanley: Tesla losing market share to Ford Mustang Mach-E

    Morgan Stanley is displaying their ignorance on how math works. This is another example of "lies, damn lies and statistics." If Tesla sells 3 cars one year and all others makers sell a total of 1 car, Tesla has 75% of the EV market. If Tesla sells 6 cars the next year and all other makers still...
  9. SSonnentag

    The cost of driving an EV?

    Electric prices vary greatly. My S costs roughly 1/3 of what an equivalent gas car would cost to fuel. Then there's the other maintenance savings on top of that. However, in my case, we have solar at home that offsets roughly 95% of our yearly electricity usage and I get free charging while at...
  10. SSonnentag

    Tow hitch, electrical connection and in cab brake controller

    It pretty much has to be a Class 5, 2" or 2.5" receiver to meet the requirements for the stated capacities here in the US. This also makes it an inexpensive and versatile solution.
  11. SSonnentag

    Exoskelton fake news?

    Even a tortoise has bones.
  12. SSonnentag

    Are you going to buy the Cyberquad ATV? [Poll]

    Our lot isn't huge, but we live up a dirt road that the USPS determined wasn't in their best interest to navigate, so they installed roughly 64 mail boxes out along the paved street.
  13. SSonnentag

    EV Tax Incentive [closed due to political discussions]

    Elon Musk appears to be a strong supporter of capitalism and the free market. He is not a supporter of free stuff for everyone and eliminating personal responsibility and accountability. He supports what is best for business and individuals while advocating for clean energy. With people voting...
  14. SSonnentag

    EV Tax Incentive [closed due to political discussions]

    No it wouldn't. Manufacturers can charge whatever people are willing to pay. Any income tax credit doesn't appear in the formula.
  15. SSonnentag

    People often overestimate the range they need... Wildly.

    These types of write ups are misguided. How little someone drives on a daily basis is irrelevant to their range needs. You have to look at the long drive needs when determining how much range you need in an EV. Nobody want to have to rent a car every time they want to take a trip.
  16. SSonnentag

    Advance release C2 Cybertruck: Due to the obvious popularity of the dual motor edition, should Tesla early release ten per month?

    With only around 15% opting for the single motor, it wouldn't surprise me to see that option eliminated. Dual motor gives better tire wear and higher efficiency.
  17. SSonnentag

    Tri-motor vs Quad-motor or Hub-motor

    Hub motors also moves the weight outward to the corners of the vehicle instead of keeping it central. In addition to being unsprung weight, hub motors likely hurt handling for this reason too.
  18. SSonnentag

    Are you going to buy the Cyberquad ATV? [Poll]

    I want it just to run the 2 miles of horrible dirt road to our mailbox and back. It takes 13 minutes each way in my car.