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  1. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    Tesla has all these money machines waiting in the wings and all of them need some crucial component to come onstage and start performing. There's the model Y which is just starting to come into its own in China but needs the Berlin factory in Europe and the Texas factory in the US to really...
  2. Cybertruck orders from Michigan

    I looked up your RN. You reserved on 4/20. You might get bumped up a year or 2. Elon has a special spot in his heart for people who do things on 4/20
  3. Robo Taxi Thoughts?

    Seems like seat covers and floor coverings would cover a lot of sins
  4. Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    No worse than those spears truckers use for lug nuts on their wheels
  5. FSD Price Lock on Order

    I just checked the email I got from Tesla when I reserved which was on 11/23/2019. It has no details only that I reserved and saying I should check my account. My account also has 10k for fsd whereas originally it said 8k. It also says that ordering it now will lock in the price. I kept the...
  6. Can't order?

    What is a cybertruck going to do with those cans of accelerant?