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  1. XB12R

    Space Cargo?

  2. XB12R

    SW FL

    If I don't see a Bentley or Rolls within 10 minutes of being on the road I feel a little let down. I wonder how many CT's I'll see every day. There are 4 Model X, a few S's and a few 3's on my street and I see more and more on my daily commute.
  3. XB12R

    The Tesla Model after the Cybertruck?

    If it gets Ludicrous mode my wife will be first in line.
  4. XB12R

    Cybertruck Sightings in the Wild

    A co-worker says his parents saw a Cybertruck on I95 near Jacksonville FL. They said it went by too fast to get a picture. Can anybody corroborate this? Homemade unit?