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    Cybertruck Will be a Towing GOD - Part 1: Torque (Newest Video)

    Thanks for responding. All analogies are flawed and there are terms that I will use colloquially, which may be ultimately be incorrect relative to their engineering or scientific use. You obviously know your stuff. I'm neither an engineer or mechanic. Just an enthusiast who got tired of non...
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    Clickbait or valid prediction? "Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Ford's Demise Towards Bankruptcy"

    Yes...and No. The Cybertruck itself isn't going to bankrupt Ford BUT a convergence of disruptive forces in personal transportation combined with too much debt and some serious legacy pension and healthcare obligations could. If the Cybertruck and some of the other EV SUV and Truck alternatives...
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    Towing GOD: Part 2 - Suspension and Electronics (Newest Video)

    Yeah, someone in my YouTube comments actually suggested that the 'Trailer Docking' feature might actually be where you hold your phone to the hitch and the truck backs up to you as if in a backwards 'summon' mode. Makes me curious what they have in mind.
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    Towing GOD: Part 2 - Suspension and Electronics (Newest Video)

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to the rally too. Should be a blast.
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    Towing GOD: Part 2 - Suspension and Electronics (Newest Video)

    You are correct. Thought about that while editing but it didn't seem like enough of an issue to re-shoot or edit because it was directionally correct if not 100% correct. I was really thinking in terms of the ford system which actually only uses braking so the acceleration part is just an...
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    Cybertruck Will be a Towing GOD - Part 1: Torque (Newest Video)

    First, I meant no disrespect. I can see how my comment would come off that way. I apologize. I hope that you can tell by watching my videos that I appreciate education and learning. Secondly, we are, respectively, trying to solve different problems. My goal in the video was to make the...
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    Cybertruck Will be a Towing GOD - Part 1: Torque (Newest Video)

    ...and this is why I decided to use a wrench to explain torque. Because explaining torque with math is more accurate but way less understandable for most of us.
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    Cybertruck Will be a Towing GOD - Part 1: Torque (Newest Video)

    I will address range in the 3rd Video.
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    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    I think Elon has said that is going to happen behind the center seat in the back row.
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    No towing for Model Y, what about Cybertruck towing?

    For what it's worth, I'm getting ready to produce a three part video series on Cybertruck Towing. Working on the first one now. Should have it out by Thursday or Friday.
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    Tesla Quality

    Before I outline my thoughts on this topic, the most important thing to point to is the fact that those negative consumer report rankings have been updated for the 3 and S. Only the X remains on the consumer reports naughty list. As to 'Quality' scores, I think it's important to think about...
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    Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    This was also confirmed in the Motortrend Article "Can the Cybertruck Off Road", in case anyone thinks that the material shown here isn't armor.
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    Towing Range Expectations

    I have a similar take on the subject. I think that most towing happens within 3 hours of home base. First the daily routine stuff, which is the majority of towing because of commercial towing. For instance, in our landscaping business, we are towing with about half our trucks EVERY DAY. This...
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    Towing Range Expectations

    Do you have any reason for thinking that Tesla will create their own trailers with battery? I know we saw one in the photos but I'm wondering if there is any actual sources on the subject. I am wanting to do a video about Cybertruck Towing and that would be a very useful rumor/speculation to...
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    Introducing the Patented Cyber Hitch, full motion 5th Wheel Hitch for the Cybertruck

    What is the possibility that you can achieve enough anchoring potential by using a slide in plate that is secured by multiple slats of the 'C Channel' bed? Assuming, as an exoskekeloton the bed itself is part of the frame, shouldn't that be a possibility?
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    I know there's at least one other Kansan bouncing around here.
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    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    Well if nobody has theirs by then, it'll just be a practice run for 2023 for those of us who already have off road capable rigs. That said, I think that given the incredible demand they have, they certainly have the motivation to beat the schedule if they can. Obviously I'm realistic about...