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  1. Tesla ... great company , wrong name!!

    Tesla and Steinmetz ..two of the greatest electrical engineers and inventors during the early 1900’s . Steinmetz definitely a greater innovator in the field of electric transportation ie the Steinmetz electric motor car corporation .. but tough name to call a car co. “like Musk”...but I would...
  2. Rover has it ... the Cyber has got to .. heated massage front seats

    You know your going to spend some extensive time in this truck so... heated massage seats are just the way to go .. you can’t let Rover be the leader
  3. Lego Cybertruck's 10k Supporters Qualifies It For Official Production Review by Lego

    Bets are on for who is going to be first to market 🤔😁 According to the Lego site: "This [Tesla Cybertruck] project qualifies for the First 2020 Review, which includes projects that reach 10,000 supporters between early...
  4. Are you replacing an ICE truck with your Cybertruck purchase?

    2005 ford ranger .... hope it makes it 🤞