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  1. frankenbeans

    Clickbait or valid prediction? "Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Ford's Demise Towards Bankruptcy"

    "The cybertruck absolutely will not drive Ford to bankruptcy." This makes me recall how sure companies like Nokia and Motorola were that Apple could never make it in their industry.
  2. frankenbeans

    Cybertruck as NYPD, Coast Guard, Taxi, UPS, Dominos, and More

    Why imagine it painted? Paint sucks. Paint just gets chipped and sun fried. The lack of a need for paint is one of my favorite features. Oh those are wraps? Nevermind. Carry on.
  3. frankenbeans

    Musk: Production Cybertruck Will Look Better Than Concept and Feature Advanced Towing Software

    It is shaped that way because it has to be (the triangular shape isn't going away) because it is the frame, the body is the structure.
  4. frankenbeans

    Robotaxi Cybertruck with Income Generation Purpose?

    It doesn't really matter what we think. Tesla might crush it and get the tech to market early, but it doesn't really matter because who knows how long it will take to get gubment approval.
  5. frankenbeans

    Robotaxi Cybertruck with Income Generation Purpose?

    Sure, when the tech is there, why not. Until then, I intend to put it on Turo whenever I don't need it.