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  1. Old Spice

    Cybertruck as NYPD, Coast Guard, Taxi, UPS, Dominos, and More

    Like this? :D Not my work, but some cool LE Cybertrucks
  2. Old Spice

    Factory Ladder Bed Rack For Cybertruck Spotted in Reveal Night Image

    Nice spot. How've we all missed this before :ROFLMAO: This should definitely appeal to contractors. That first image shows the appeal that the Cybertruck should have to a wide demographic -- overlanders, outdoor sports enthusiasts, haulers, and contractors.
  3. Old Spice

    Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    Agreed. Musk tweeted this shortly after reveal. To me he's implying there won't be factory wrap options. He's probably saying that owners can wrap it in any color they want (since obviously the company wouldn't offer up endless color options even if it did offer vinyl wrapping).
  4. Old Spice

    Reservations by trims and locations as of March 30, 2020

    Ah, then yes, that might be the actual amount of reservations then.
  5. Old Spice

    Reservations by trims and locations as of March 30, 2020

    4 orders inputted by Spanish reservation holders into the spreadsheet. There are surely more than 4 reservations from Spain for the Cybertruck overall.
  6. Old Spice

    Check Out Our Tesla Cybertruck Landing Page Concept

    I didn't realize it until seeing the specs you guys listed in this concept animation, but did Tesla bump up the tri-motor acceleration figure since the presentation? It was 2.9 seconds at the reveal event, but now the official Cybertruck page says it's less than 2.9 seconds ("<2.9"). These were...
  7. Old Spice

    Cybertruck aftermarket bumpers

    Just a rendering and not by an actual manufacturer but here's one idea which ties into a body cage.
  8. Old Spice

    Analysis: Will Tesla Have to Delay Cybertruck Production / Launch?

    Tesla hasn't decided on a location for the Cybertruck Gigafactory yet so I'm not sure they have a break ground date planned already. At least not one they've shared publicly.
  9. Old Spice

    Cybertruck will have radar heater to deal with snow / winter weather

    It's a heater that will melt snow and ice away from the radar. When the radar sensors get caked with snow/ice it sometimes disables autopilot and cruise control.
  10. Old Spice

    Production/Delivery Timeline for Other Tesla Models

    I don't think comparing Cybertruck reservation numbers to other models is telling because of the different required deposit amounts - just $100 for the Cybertruck vs $1000 for the 3 and $2500 for the Y.
  11. Old Spice

    Cybertruck already preferred over Ram 1500 in recent survey

    Here's a specs comparison of the Cybertruck vs Ram 1500. Horsepower All three engines of Ram 1500 produce less than half horsepower compared to Cybertruck’s 800 hp. The 5.7L V8 and its eTorque version produces 395 hp, while 3.6L V6 eTorque does 305 hp. Single and Dual models of Cybertruck...
  12. Old Spice

    Musk: Cybertruck Gigafactory to be Built in Central US Location. Where Do You Think It Should Be?

    Tennessee definitely seems like front runner. Saw this in an article: Separate reports from TechCrunch and Axios mention sources saying that Nashville is on a shortlist of locations competing for the “Cybertruck Gigafactory.” Like with Gigafactory Nevada, the automaker is expected to get...
  13. Old Spice

    Cybertruck trash talk from Jalopnik

    As with anything / anyone revolutionary, they’re derided at first. Look at Musk himself - how much criticism and doubt he received earlier in Tesla’s history whenever he announced some lofty goal or outlandish target. Now he’s seen as a visionary and his words are seen as prescient. The same...
  14. Old Spice

    Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    That’s a great one. Looks like a real plate? Are you already using it on your car? (y)
  15. Old Spice

    Tesla Badge

    I prefer badgeless too. Just goes perfect with the bare stainless steel look. But if they do put a logo on it, laser etched would be cool. A cutout logo would be nice too.
  16. Old Spice

    Free Cybertruck from Tesla. I'm in

    :ROFLMAO: I’m hoping my few shares will also help pay for my Cybertruck. I think long term the solar panel business may prove to be even more successful than vehicles. At the very least the capital outlay is so much less compared to vehicle manufacturing, one of the most capital intensive...
  17. Old Spice

    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Yes, that thread and reservation spreadsheet is here: Welcome to the site!