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    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    I bet there will be 0-1 layers of 3mm thick stainless steel in the tailgate. There's no need to make everything that thick, especially when it's not part of the structure.
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    Tesla Black Box?

    For those that might not know, Tesla's "black box" is the RCM (Restraints Control Module) and is located in a pretty secure location. It's at the bottom of the center console, mounted to a bracket on the floor. Obviously fire and water can still get to it, but I'm not sure how resistant it is...
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    Tesla Black Box?

    The Tesla Model S involved in this crash did not have a cabin camera above the rearview mirror. Only the latest refresh that is not yet available will have it. Right now only all Model 3 and Y have them.
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    Static discharge line

    As far as the high voltage battery is concerned, it's completely isolated from the vehicle chassis. For static discharge, I'm not sure what (if anything) is done in a Tesla. I've owned my Model 3 for 3 years and 60k miles and have not felt any static discharge even in the winter. Come to...
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    Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    The bass boat didn't affect your aerodynamics as much as a camper or enclosed trailer would because it doesn't have a lot of frontal area and is smaller that the pickup. If you were to haul a camper or enclosed trailer with the same pickup, your fuel consumption would probably be close to...
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    Where do the model names come from?

    Model S - S for Sedan Model X - X is short for crossover, or X-over Model E (aka Model 3) - E for economy, maybe? Also used to spell S-E-X Model Y - Y probably just to spell S-E-X-Y
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    Tesla branded as ‘arrogant’ in China as pressure mounts on the electric car maker

    Here's the thread with more info about the specific incident I mentioned earlier, for anybody that's interested
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    Cybertruck Tire Alternatives

    Maybe something like this is more versatile as long as it can handle the abuse, torque, and high speeds
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    Currently Tesla does not support a mode where you can tow one of their vehicles on it's own 4 wheels. There's a "Tow Mode" that can be activated temporarily to disable the parking brake and put the vehicle in the equivalent of neutral in order to winch it onto a flatbed. The "Tow Mode" is only...
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    CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    I've actually been planning on getting my Cybertruck in early spring of 2022 since the beginning. And I have an early reservation. So it doesn't bother me at all if I ended up with a good estimate for myself. I'm also fine with waiting a bit longer than that. Just gives Tesla time to fine...
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    Does anyone else hope the funky hubcaps / wheel covers aren't in the final design?

    Maybe MoonEyes would be willing to make Cybertruck versions of their caps. They are an aluminum disc glued to the OEM aero covers
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    Tesla SC in Mexico

    I like the signage stating that the spots are exclusively for Tesla vehicles.
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    Tesla branded as ‘arrogant’ in China as pressure mounts on the electric car maker

    I don't think anybody died in that specific accident. Do you have a link where I can read more details about the accident? On Reddit someone from China was asking owners if they had ever experience any brake failures and nobody had or had even read about any. But apparently the driver of the...
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    Fiery deaths?

    By the way, for anybody that is interested in seeing some videos on extrication or firefighting for Teslas or EVs, there's a YouTube channel that has multiple videos. I have had a few saved on my computer for many years. For every new model that Tesla produces they donate a few cars to be used...
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    New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces (Probably) For Cybertruck

    The charging handle locks to the car when the doors are locked. This applies to Superchargers and any other Tesla-specific chargers. The standard public chargers that use J1772 handles do not lock to the Tesla. The adapter that comes with every Tesla to use the J1772 handle does lock in, and...
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    If Tesla can raise pre existing Tesla roof contract, what to stop them from raising the pre orders of CT?

    Here's some info based on the Model 3. On March 31st, 2016 Tesla unveiled the Model 3. It stated that it would start at $35,000, have at least 215 miles of range, and that first deliveries would be at the end of 2017. Tesla hit all those targets. The only point of contention would be that...
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    New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces (Probably) For Cybertruck

    It's possible that the construction company that installed the wheel stops put them in the wrong spot and that's why the cable doesn't reach. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen that happen...
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    Fiery deaths?

    Cutting the safety loop would not help with the fire. The safety loops are there to ensure that the HV battery is disconnected from all the car's electronics to avoid electrocution of first responders or passengers. In a Tesla crash where the air bags go off, the car also blows a pyro fuse...
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    Self park into/out of garage?

    It makes sense that it would have that feature (called Summon Autopark) if you buy FSD. Here is a short video that shows how it works on Model 3 You have to make sure that you are watching it closely and are ready to tap the stop button on the app or push one of the door handles to make it...
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    Type of Motors

    We don't know the details about the motor arrangement in the refreshed S/X or Cybertruck yet. But as far as the arrangements and positions on 3/Y and Raven S/X it makes sense based on the following: S/X are all AWD for the Raven refresh and Tesla could position the motors in a way that made the...